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Tree (black and white)

I took a picture of this tree and put it through a filter. I’m quite pleased with it.

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Pets make everything better #Cats #Depression #happy #Photography

The one thing that makes me happy no matter what. I recently started editing and sharing photos of my cat Chloe. I entered this photo of her and won best cat. She makes everything better.

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Best ways to find inspiration for photography.

Welcome to the world of photography! As a beginner, it can be overwhelming to choose the subject or style to capture. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. In this blog post, we will share some top tips for finding inspiration for your first photography projects to unleash your creativity and kickstart your journey as a photographer. Regardless of whether you’re interested in landscapes, portraits, wildlife, or any other type of photography, we have an abundance of ideas for you to explore. So, dive in and start capturing stunning images today!

Read more: Best ways to find inspiration for photography.

#Photography #photographytips #photographycourse

Best ways to find inspiration for photography.

Best ways you can get your creative juices flowing and find inspiration for your photography when you find yourself in a lull. Contact us at 9810615005.
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Picking up photography shooting once again.

I recently bought me a new Canon RP camera as I wanted to get mirrorless/full frame. I am glad that I went ahead to get it after a year of indecision.

I hope to do more as it helps me to be focused.

#Photography #Anxiety #deafphotographer

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Greetings from platform 9 & 1/4!

Another photo from our recent snow outing. It’s still around and tonight there’s a wee chance we might get more 🤞

My guess is that these signs are old markers for the old canal, considering there is a Lock Keeper’s Cottage… but it also reminded me of Harry Potter. Walbridge and Inglesham House both have nice rings to them, so I’d consider signing up!

#HarryPotter #Movies #snowday #Photography #justforfun #DistractMe #MyCondition #Christmas #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #Spoonie

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Snow Day

We woke up to a surprise sprinkling of snow here on the edge of the Cotswolds today. It’s a rarity for us, and may be our only snow day. So if there’s one thing I’m willing to sacrifice spoons for; it’s the chance to get out and take some photos of the landscape all serene like under it’s white blanket of snow.

This hostorical Lock Keeper’s Cottage made for a good photo 📷. The dogs had just as much fun trying to catch snowballs, rubbing their faces in the snow, and some general scamping by the Duke of Bork (as he does—more pics to follow!)

I am grateful for moments like these that help to offset all the bad. I now think of it as a form of selfcare—pushing myself just a little to do something I really enjoy.

Even if I have to face some payback tomorrow, I will have new memories from today to hold on tight to, and to keep me going through the rough that may lay ahead. Memories mean I’m still here, still breathing… still alive. They help to kindle some hope for the chance at more memories and a future.

It’s more than many get, so for me this picture is more than something pretty to look at—it represents gratitude for a day well spent, and faith in my future 🤍

#Gratitude #Spoonie #MightyPets #Nature #Photography #MightyMoment #Selfcare #Selflove #MightyTogether #TheMighty

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