Someone made a post asking if anyone who draws/paints their pain, if they can show it and describe the mood behind it. If any of you want to join in, then you can use this hashtag.

Here is one of mine. I drew this picture in attempt of puting a visual on my mental pain/illnesses and as a slight view into my mind. I did it in attempt of finding my inner child and to work on healing.
I feel as if my mental pain and mental illnesses and mental issues are not a part of who i am..kind of like my mind has a mind of it's own, so i gave it a name.

This is Vhie. It has multiple personalities/emotions and multiple identities. It is naive, aggressive and immoral. It torments me continuously threwout the day. Everyday.

It knows everything about me and my past and it will do havoc at any cost to keep me screaming for a way out.

It harasses me with such brutal force to cause me severe mental pain and to the point where it causes physical pain as well..
No matter how much self love i give myself, Vhie is always louder. Vhie is too loud. I am terrified of Vhie. It shows no mercy, no compassion towards my inner self. It never stops being loud.

I would do almost anything to have even a few minutes of a silent mind. I want to be stronger than Vhie. But it has taken over many years ago. It refuses to let me go.

#Schizophernic ?Undiagnosed
#UnexplainedAutisticSymptoms ?