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Poll: does depression/anxiety increase the need for warmth?

Has anyone ever felt a need for more warmth (as in heaters, more blankets, hot water) and a lower tolerance for cold temperatures whike dealing with depression and/or anxiety? Just asking to know if it happens to other people as well or just me.
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#warm wishes #mc Klein

I hope you have a great day and a wonderful lunch with your loved ones. You definitely deserve it. Sending you love and happiness. Bianca Harrington


#warm wishes #McLean

Dear Friend: I wish you peace and healing this Christmas. 🎄🎅⛄

I have been where you are...one year at Thanksgiving, another on my birthday. It wasn't a happy time. But know that people care about you and hope you will be home before too long. It can be hard being in the hospital but don't give up. Try talking to someone and share your feelings. Keep a journal (ask a friend or family member to bring you one with a pen). Hang in there and hope the meds will help. Find a good psychiatrist and therapist near where you live. Please, don't give up! May you be comforted right now. I send you a big hug. Know you are brave to be getting help and that's a big step. Take good care of yourself. You are special. You matter.
💚 Maryanne
#WarmWishes #McLean

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#warm Wishes to all at #StJude

However you're feeling right now, YOU ARE LOVED AND CARED ABOUT, never forget that.
Warm Wishes from the UK.
Kate Withers
#WarmWishes #StJude


#warm mWishes to everyone at #McLean n

Wishing you peace, strength and calmness. You are not alone in your struggle; many of us are thinking of you! God bless you all and wishing you a peaceful Christmas.