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♤ " Feeling Very Missunderstood On So Many Level's... " ♤ #WhyCan 'tPeopleLeaveMeAlone

° " So I Worked Today... And I Get Home And Get Like 6 Text's From My Sister In Austin... Asking If I Called SSA Yet.... Like Tbh I Don't Care Anymore The B.S. On Apply Is Joke... She's Been Hounding Me Because She Must Think That My Ex's New Wife Might To Entitled To His SSA Now... I Guess.. The Loser Has 2 Ex-Wive's.. He Now Has A New One... I Work My Butt Off What's The Big Deal. Well I Don't Want To STOP Working Just To Get Chump Change Off Of Some Ex's SSA. My Whole Family Act's Greedy When Money Is Involved. IDK Why But This Has Ruined The Rest Of My Night. TAKE CARE... ☆▪︎☆SKADI ☆▪︎☆ #venting


× " Feeling Extremely Exhausted Tired & Overworked My Mental And Physical Health Are On The Tipping Point.. " × #WhyCan 'tPeopleJustDoThierJob's.

× " I'm Starting To Really Hate Work Sometime's It's Ok... But In Reality People Just Don't Like Working Anymore More And The Ongoing Stimulus $ Is What's The Issue... Companie's Need To STOP Being Cheap Give Actually Better Living Wage's.. So That You Could Actaully Keep Your Employee's... Come Up With Good Package's When Hiring.. And Stop Taking The Retirement Package's Away.. Do Better... Nobody Will Work For Any Company Right Now Because Of How Management Treat's Employee's... Like Disposable Replacement Trash.. I'm Honestly Sick And Tired Of Picking Up Everyone's Lazyness Slack.. It's Hard On My Body.. To Be Doing Alot Of Heavey Lifting Etc.. It Take's 2 Day's For Me To Recover From My Pain.. I Can't Shower Or Get Out Of Bed.. I Drag Myself To Go Fix Food Etc.. And People Get Mad At Me For Calling In... " EXCUSE ME!".. When I'm At My Job I Put My Head Down And Work... I Don't Talk To Anyone Because It's A Time Consuming Distraction For Me... I Only Look At My Phone For The Time.. Because I Over Stay Working.. My Job Is Extremely Tasking.. I Do Alot Because Of Other People Who Think That They Are Supposed To Only Do One Job... Not True.. When I Was Hired I Was Told To Do Everything... Even Though I Hate The Register And Talking To People Because They Activate My Anxiety Is Badly.. But I Do It Anyway's And Sux It Up... And Get It Done.. My Pain Level's Are Not A Joke 8-9.. Going On 10+ Then I Need To Go To The E.R... If I Do Get To The Point Where I Can No Longer Walk On My Own... Having Cerebral Palsy And Scoliosis Are Another Full-Time Job... Along With My Mental Health.. So Basically I Litterly Have 3 Full-Time Job's...I'm Just Soo Drained Right Now And In Pain... " × #chronic Pain#Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth ☆▪︎☆ SKADI ☆▪︎☆


× " Sooo I Fight Broke Out At Work Today S.M.H " × #Drama #WhyCan 'tPeopleBehave

× " Sooo The Morning... Was Going Well Until A New Employee Didn't Like What My Boss Wanted To Teach Her... This New Hire Took Thing's The Worng Way.. And Started Causing Drama For No Reason With My Boss... I Really Didn't See Anything I Just Heard Yelling Really... And I Saw Hair Being Pulled.. This New Girl Couldn't Just Follow Some Nice Teaching's... She Got Herself Fired... And Arrested... On Her 1st Day On The Job Too... Why Can't Human's Behave Seriously!!!... " × ☆☆S.K.☆☆ #Update #Drama