Just need somewhere safe to vent.
I’m feeling abandoned by friends. I’m suffering through day 13 of severe covid right now and it just seems to annoy everyone. I have #PrimaryImmunodeficiency along with a few other health issues, so I tried extremely hard to avoid the virus for three years. It finally caught me. I knew I would get very sick, that’s not the surprising part.I’m just let down but the support from certain friends. People I thought would be more concerned or maybe even worried. I’m grateful for those who are, don’t get me wrong. Just still hurts. This is truly just a highlight upon what’s already been an existing fault line in friendships where I’m ignored. I’m the lesser friend because I’m “always ill” or can’t keep up. I can’t go biking or canoeing so I’m just not invited. During the pandemic spike I couldn’t leave my home so I was just left out… occasionally sent a photo of friends together tagged #wishyouhere .
They don’t understand how much it hurts to grieve a life you cannot live. Friends who just leave you behind like garbage. But then again, even the garbage gets to go out once a week.
#CommonVariableImmuneDeficiency #RheumatoidArthritis #Fibromyalgia #ChronicDepression #Anxiety #PTSD