So I wrote linear algebra this morning. The flare has been building up since last week though, but my body just couldnt hold on any longer since after the test. Now everything hurts, especially my chest and joints (writing sucks right now), the infection (11th time this year for absolutely no reason) is getting worse and I can barely keep my eyes open to continue studying. I have been trying to just do damadge control and keep my stress levels under control, ie. leaving what I can and minimizing what needs to be done and how well. We are writing statistics tomorrow, investment management the day after and then applied maths and economic worldviews back to back on Friday. Please send some cheery motivational quotes to help keep me going. All my friends are super stressed out as well and they dont need my stupid sickness affecting them as well. I mean I wish I didnt have to deal with it now too, so I am just giving them a breather. Tanks guys! #strugglingstudent #actuarialscience #TryingToStayPositive #Stressedout #getittogetherbody