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how do I get out of my endless spiral of self doubt?

I studied really hard for my exams and I failed 1 of them, another one was quite bad and the last one... well I went in there - never been better prepared in my life- and had a blackout. every. single. time. it’s only with chemistry and math, because it means so much to me to be good at it. and I have such little selfworth that I build my whole confindence on my achievements = my grades. it’s so frustrating, because now I’m even more scared of the next exams, because no matter how much I study I always fail. and it’s not because I’m not smart enough (even though those failures give me that feeling) I do understand everything and people come to me to ask for help with studying etc. but in the end nothing pays off.... I’m really hopeless rn... does anyone have tips or same experiences? because I’m so scared that I’ll never be able to achieve sth in life. #self-doubt #exams #Anxiety #failure #Depression #Borderline #Bipolar #Selfhate


Good luck! #goodluck

It’s exam season! I start my exams in the morning 😬 so I thought I’d wish the best of luck to all those about to embark on theirs. I know it’s particularly difficult when you can’t study traditionally - I get brain fog quite often and it’s very frustrating when I’m in the swing of things but I try remember that these are jut minor bumps in the road I can work around. sure my methods aren’t traditional but there just as valid! As my mom likes to say ‘trust yourself, trust what work you have done dont focus on that you didn’t.’

Anyways that’s my dramatic pep talk for the night! I’m off to sleep - a good nights rest can only help! And once again - good luck!!

#POTS #LivingWithPOTS #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #exams #goodluck #studyingwithchronicillness


Brain fog💭 #exams #Anxiety

I used to be so studious and be able to study for hours. Now I can't even focus and study for a good bit. I'm so close to getting my degree and move on to a new level in my life but idk it's like studying got harder.
I even wake on early mornings feeling like my heart is racing when I start thinking about how much stuff I have to cover. I feel very overwhelmed and scared to study (sounds ridiculous I know but that's how I feel) because I'm afraid to fail and I feel like everyone around me is waiting for me to just do this exam. 😔


Need motivational quotes please 🤯😷🙏📙📖📚📑📝📝📝 #Lupusflare #Costochondritis #UrinaryTractInfection #Jointpain #exams #Insomnia #exhaustion

So I wrote linear algebra this morning. The flare has been building up since last week though, but my body just couldnt hold on any longer since after the test. Now everything hurts, especially my chest and joints (writing sucks right now), the infection (11th time this year for absolutely no reason) is getting worse and I can barely keep my eyes open to continue studying. I have been trying to just do damadge control and keep my stress levels under control, ie. leaving what I can and minimizing what needs to be done and how well. We are writing statistics tomorrow, investment management the day after and then applied maths and economic worldviews back to back on Friday. Please send some cheery motivational quotes to help keep me going. All my friends are super stressed out as well and they dont need my stupid sickness affecting them as well. I mean I wish I didnt have to deal with it now too, so I am just giving them a breather. Tanks guys! #strugglingstudent #actuarialscience #TryingToStayPositive #Stressedout #getittogetherbody

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I failed one of the most important exams of the semester after days of studying really hard.

Exams make me really anxious and they trigger my PTSD, however I will have to re- do it on Monday.

I have never had more anxiety or panic attacks than today.

I feel awful and worthless, and without the will to keep going and living.

I can’t stop crying or cursing to myself.

I feel stupid.

Any advice?
#CheckInWithMe #CheerMeOn #PTSD #Depression #Anxiety #School #exams #PanicAttacks #AnxietyAttack



The more time I spend on here, the more I feel bad for feeling how I do because I could have it worse... lately I have had a couple hard weeks and have started using negative coping strategies that I never thought I would end up doing. In a big picture though everything is alright and I have amazing support even if they don’t know what I currently am struggling with. It is almost summer and even if I get 0% on my exams I will still get a little over a pass in my courses. Little nervous though because I haven’t let anyone know what I’m currently struggling with and will have to hide it in the summer because I don’t want anyone to find out. Just thought I would share what is currently going through my head to hopefully find someone who understands a bit... #BipolarDisorder #Selfharm #exams


Stressing and focusing

This has been such a challenging time for me.... I usually do well in school and with summer quickly coming, means exam season must come first. It’s the first time I can truly say I recognize my bipolar taking control. I’m unable to spend my time focusing on studying when I am stressing because my brain doesn’t work like that. It has been quite a challenge but 12 days and my exams will be over whether I’m ready or not. On a good note today I was able to be productive and get stuff done instead of just breaking down!!! #Bipolar #stressed #exams #Busy


I need to snap out of this! Any tips?

I have a huge exam coming up Monday evening. I’ve started studying, but my heart is not in it. I know there is so much more to do, to read, to write. But my brain doesn’t seem to be processing the words as I go over them. My mood is terrible because of my anxiety for this exam; over the last few days I’ve lashed out at family (though I’ve denied it to them I know it’s true). I’ve ignored friends and pasted on a fake smile at work. It’ll all be over in 48 hours and I need to just study and stop wasting time and hurting those around me. I’m so frustrated with myself for just not being able to bring myself to care. Maybe writing this will motivate me... and maybe not. Anyone have ideas on how to get into a better headspace? #Motivation #mood #MyHeadIsTooFull #CheckInWithMe #Stress #exams #CheerMeOn #encouragement #ClearMyHead #apathy


#exams Almost there

I just finished my second exam, and now I only have one left! The last one is only like 20 minutes. I can't wait to be finished...