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How did you find out that you had ADHD? Did you get a diagnose for ADHD? Do you have ADHD characteristics?

ADHD often begins in childhood and can persist into adulthood. It may contribute to low self-esteem, troubled relationships, and difficulty at school or work.

Symptoms include limited attention and hyperactivity #ADHD #adhdwomen

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Thought of the Day Saturday December 31st

Today is the last day of the year, what's on your mind. What do you have planned for today? Whatever you choose to do, just be safe, remember no drinking and driving. Remember to emotionally take care of yourself today. Remember no road raging and remember today maybe the end of the year but Monday is back to the rat race so please keep in mind that the rent is due if not tomorrow then on Monday. Enjoy your weekend and have an awesome day. #bpdworld #ocdworld #adhdwomen #dpdworld #bipolarworld #BPD #Bipolar #ADHD #DPD

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If you are needing a pick me up, because your mental illness is getting the best of you feel free to send us a direct message, we'll respond ASAP!

Mental illnesses can take its toll on everyone emotionally. But that's why we're here to give you a pick me up response to your questions & concerns to get you back on track with a positive day. Don't let your mental illnesses get in the way! I have bpd and right now I feel great! #BPD #ADHD #OCD #bipoar #Autism #bpdworld #ocdworld #adhdwomen #dpdworld #bpdworld

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Have you ever lived in foster care? What was the experience like?

We ask these types of questions so that you can heal from negative situations that you had to deal with as a child growing up. #bpdworld #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #bipolarworld #adhdwomen


Some women are very young when they give birth. Some still in high school. 50% have long term goals already in place including a possible baby along the way but others have no plans in place.

Select all that apply
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Between 12 -15
Between 16-17
Between 18-21
Between 22-32
Between 33-45
46 and higher
My Parent(s) were very supportive
My Parent(s) were not supportive at all, just nasty
My Parent(s) kicked me out the house the same day
My friends were very supportive
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Childhood Memories | Reminiscing | If your childhood memory is not listed in the choices feel free to add it to the comments.

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Hall & Oats - " I Can't go for that, know can do "
Cross Colors
Milli Vanilli - Song: "Girl You Know Its True"
The Song: "Take a Bow" By: Mondonna
Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood
MC Hammer: Song: You Can't Tough This
LP's | 8Tracks | Afros hair styles from the 60's & 70's
Pump up Reeboks | Song: Pump up the jams, pump it up
Tina Turner: Song - We don't need another hero
Johnny Gill | Luther Vandross | Freddie Jackson | Keith S.
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Does anyone remember the internet browser Netscape?

Netscape Navigator or Netscape was a leading browser in the 1990s. Reminisce with us for a moment. What was your life like around this time frame, if you can think back this far? #BPD #bpdworld #bipolarworld #adhdwomen #ocdworld

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Thought of the Day Friday December 30th

People always say forget the past and move forward. Yes, this is a great saying, but can you really forget because your childhood emotional foundation will affect you in some form or fashion throughout the rest of your life. If you had a great childhood wonderful. But if you had a horrible childhood, childhood trauma, emotional or physical abuse then you end up searching for yourself, searching for your identity. Making impulsive choices that you have to learn to live with. Which child were you growing up and how are you affected at this point in your life? #bpdworld #ocdworld #adhdwomen #MentalHealth

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ADHD in Women: Signs and Symptoms

failing to give close attention to details or making careless mistakes in activities.

trouble holding attention on tasks.

not following through on instructions and failing to finish duties (e.g., losing focus, getting side-tracked)

trouble organizing tasks and activities.

#ADHD #adhdwomen

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Do people with ADHD require more or less sleep?

Well require is the understanding that our bodies act differently and need different care than normal people.

So no we require the same amount of sleep on that level. But we don't actually need as much sleep as everyone else because if we got the required amount of sleep then we would essentially over sleep and then deal with the consequences of getting too much sleep. These consequences are not good.

It's like if we sleep the required sleep our brain says hey, we actually can do this why haven't we and then our body agrees, and we get sleepier and lazier and well it's not fun so it's almost like we have programmed ourselves to get what we consider the proper amount of sleep and we are back to normal. - Aries Hyper #ADHD #adhdwomen

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