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Ladies have your husband ever saw you crying and acted like he didn't care?

Ladies how did this make you feel when he just walked out of the room when you were crying or sat beside you and turned on the tv while you were crying about something and totally ignored you? #bpdworld #BipolarDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #OCD #DPD #ADHD #Depression

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Fictional Story (You will enjoy this story) Put in the comments what you thought about this story.

Dad, you know the grass out back is really high, if it's not cut soon snakes may hide back there. You know Stephanie I think your right there is a push mower in the shed the key is on the wall in the kitchen why don't you do your father a favor and cut the grass. Daddy, you mean right now? Well Steph the grass is not going to cut itself. Well dad I have another suggestion, why don't you cut the grass?

Steph I am not asking you but I'm telling you go cut the grass. Dad but I am the one who told you it needs to be cut. Yeah, Steph thanks for reminding me. But dad it's 100 degrees outside today. Steph I will bring you the Gatorade cooler and fill it full of ice water. But dad, no buts Stephanie. But dad Roger comes home from college this week he is your son have him cut it. Now Steph you know roger will be tired from his trip and this is his vacation, you don't take vacations because you don't work. Now girl stop trying my patience and cut that grass and shut up about it before I get mad.

Dad you're not being fair, Rogers a boy and I'm a girl. This yard is like a quarter of the size of a football field. I feel you are trying to manipulate me. In the past Roger cut the grass. And you're trying to get lazy and not man up and cut this grass. Steph who you thank you talking to? Dad I can't do this you not the father I once had, Dad I'm 17 years old almost a full woman and I can go live with Aunt Sandy in Chicago and finish my schooling there. Steph you too lazy to get a job to get a bus fare. Dad Sandy gave me the money last year just in case you started trying to work me like your mule or something. So, I will be leaving tonight know questions asked!

Ever since mom died you been emotionally disrespecting me. Well dad that's it aint your little girl know more where you can just treat me like whatever. I'm done! And mom would just tell you to shut, hush up and you would do it to because you are just weak and spineless and now that she's gone you trying to be the big bad wolf.

Steph say another word and I will slap you in your face so hard. Dad, you know what, I don't love you anymore for years now so slap me, and I bet I will slap you back harder and knock you clean over that couch. Try me! Girl, you talking to your daddy like that, you got know respect I give you to 8pm you better be gone and if not, I'm throwing you out of the house, you good for nothing child. Don't ever come back here. Dad, you know what, you talk big, because when I'm gone, we both know you gone break down in tears, because I'm your only daughter and we know how possessive you are over your kids. It's no secret in this town. And I'm going to write my friends back and let them know that you ran your own daughter out of town and told me to stay gone and never come back! (What did you think of this story)? #bpdworld #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #npd #DPD #Autism #ADHD #Depression #PTSD #OCD #BipolarDisorder

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Thought of the Day Saturday December 31st

Today is the last day of the year, what's on your mind. What do you have planned for today? Whatever you choose to do, just be safe, remember no drinking and driving. Remember to emotionally take care of yourself today. Remember no road raging and remember today maybe the end of the year but Monday is back to the rat race so please keep in mind that the rent is due if not tomorrow then on Monday. Enjoy your weekend and have an awesome day. #bpdworld #ocdworld #adhdwomen #dpdworld #bipolarworld #BPD #Bipolar #ADHD #DPD

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Dealing with an employee with a personality disorder?

Try to value each employee's quirks and personalities as potential strengths in the organization rather than discouraging specific behaviors. On the other hand, you need to be sure to set limits and focus on proper workplace conduct, completion of assigned tasks, and consideration of co-worker feelings. #DPD #dpdworld #DependentPersonalityDisorder

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What triggers a person with DPD?

Traumatic abandonment in childhood through family circumstances or war. A family history of personality disorders, depression, or anxiety. Surviving childhood abuse, including stifling parenting, withdrawn parenting, or having parents who punished individual thinking. #DPD #dpdworld #DependentPersonalityDisorder

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Can you have both dpd and bpd together?

While DPD is one of the less common personality disorders, it does sometimes co-occur with BPD. #dpdworld #DPD #DependentPersonalityDisorder


Can dependent personality disorder go away?

Dependent personality disorder, like any personality disorder, cannot be cured. But it is treatable with therapy. #DPD #dpdworld

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The symptoms are nearly identical, but how you react will determine your diagnosis. Those with borderline personality disorder respond to symptoms with feelings of rage and emptiness, while those with DPD respond with submissiveness #DPD #dpdworld


DPD + Dating

You have to recognize the symptoms of the disorder, and understand how it manifests itself in your relationship. The biggest challenge is to help them and be there for them while also maintaining self-care. #DPD #dpdworld