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Awake at night

It's almost 1 am and I can't sleep. My mind keeps playing several scenes, like a movie. Scenes of my friend and our friendship. The friend who has been hurting me. Or, better, the friend who has been the reason why I have been hurting myself. He didn't do anything, he is just staying away struggling with depression and engaged in his own life, while I watch my self esteem being challenged. Maybe I am a reinforcing seeker. Why would a person be so attached to someone when there's absolutely no romantic feelings involved? Why am I so? This question tricks me. A side of me which doesn't make any sense. Maybe I am just to proud to walk away from what has become now a toxic friendship. It's all in my mind anyway.

#obsessivethoughts #toxicfriendships #toxicfriends #Sleeplessnight


It’s so hard to dislike a person you feel sorry for.

Want to #dislike / #Distrust a #friend who bluntly and rudely #discarded me, but she has #MentalHealth issues ( #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder , #BipolarDepression ), which have badly hurt her in life.

I want to #dislike her. But I can’t help feel sorry for her. She has suffered from her condition, and my #compassion overrides my anger. I hate her, but I love her.

#toxicfriendships #toxicrelationship #Love


Toxic Friendships

Has anyone ever had a mentally draining friend Like they pretty much just turned crappy one day and tend to use you rather than actually being your friend I have one of those right now and she is severely hurting my mental health. I wish I could just let myself stop talking to her but I can't. For some reason I feel like I have a responsibility to help her even though I know I don't. Does anyone have experience with something like this or have an advice #toxicfriendships #adviceishelpful