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#Insomina #PTSD

Its one of those days where I found my second wind of energy after a 3rd shift at a DV shelter. Can't sleep but need to before my next shift tonight. Lots on my mind.


Kidney stones pain

I just found out I have #KidneyStones and #UTI so I hate this pain and on top I have #fibermyalogy so it sucks and I take pills for #Insomina #Depression #Anxiety so I have been feeling well.anything that I can take to break the stones up.let me know.patti California

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Due to my #PTSD , #Insomnia & #nightterrors have always been an issue. This year #2020 as we all know has not made thing easier, how are you dealing?

So yes #2020 has definitely been difficult on all of us and some more than others. I’m grateful that it hasn’t been as hard as in my worst moments in my life dealing with #PTSD and the #Insomina as well as the #nightterrors that come along with it. And I know there are so many that have it worse than I do! And for those who have been experiencing so extremely difficult aspects of their mental illness this year, if you will, how are you dealing with those situations?

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Estrogen dominant #CPTSD #Insomina #Depression #Anxiety

I have all of these symptoms. I’ve been estrogen dominant before and got it under control with help from my Dr.
Since none of my psych meds help, I’m hoping this is the cause because I know I can fix it. Just wanted to share this incase others are trying to figure out the root cause of their symptoms.
Much love Linney



so lately I’ve been doing really good, somewhat more energy, no depression, often feel really good and have some hope in life. I’m taking my meds religiously and keep track of them and it’s given me some side affects I cannot sleep whatsoever. I sleepy 4 hours tops this has been going on for 2 weeks now. that’s another story but issues at my living situation has been triggering a depressive episode. my roommate has constantly harass and bully me while the landlord and my hubby is away. he threw trash on my car, stalked me, said comments saying I was trying to seduce him ??? threw all my laundry all over the garage, say racist slurs( I’m Hispanic) to other people about me. threatened to have me and my husband jumped and sliced. telling the neighbors I’m this that and the other. taking pictures of my car and went as far as following me driving tail gating me while I’m trying to leave from him yelling at me. my husband defends me and in return we are now getting threatened with cops. The landlord doesn’t want to kick him out either. I know I’m not perfect and of course I defended myself and exhanged words but he takes it too far. I’m 23 and he’s 30 that’s just not normal. since all this commotion I feel myself slip into depression once again. I’m starting to feel my meds aren’t doing anything. what should I do ?? #dangeroursplace #Depression #BipolarDepression #Insomina #hopeless #Anxiety #scared


Hate Night time #Insomina

I hate night time the most when I'm in my head. I have insomnia (surprise!) that wakes me up in the middle of the night. Night is quiet. Night is dark. Night is when I'm more alone then ever. Night is when I cry and think and strategize how to get my sh*t in order but cry because I never do. Night is when you can't escape the mind. I try to not sleep some days because I fear waking up. I try taking meds but often I'll still wake up. Somedays all I want to do is sleep so the day just ends and I can check out for the day. Sleep is what the body and mind needs. I need sleep to escape.
#Insomnia #SuicidalIdeation #Sleep #Depression #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder


Insomnia? Wired!

I've been very on edge for two months now. I actually forgot what it feels like to be calm. My family tells me I've been a bit loco online too. I feel like I'm here, there, and everywhere. Not to sound too Dr. Suess. I'm actually having trouble sleeping at night (again! I had trouble when I was a child as well.) Luckily, I have more resources to help with the sleep issue but it doesn't feel like enough. No matter how tired I am, no matter how busy/overwhelming my day is, I'm back to listening to ASMR or ocean sounds, completely tense with no sleep. The latest I've been up is 2 am. Right now, it's 12:30, nothing. I've cut down on caffeine, tried different lullabies, ASMR (as mentioned before) along with ocean sounds. I have an appointment with my shrink after he comes back from his vacation. Any advice to hold me over until then is appreciated. #Autism #Anxiety #Wired #Insomina #adviceishelpful


Not sleeping/too many thoughts/but happy?

Going through a psych med change *again* and it’s been rough. (Bipolar 1)
Anyway that’s not the point that’s just the set up.
Tonight it is nearly 3am where I am and I am not asleep nor am I tired.
This is different from past insomnia because I am not:
Sleepy but can’t sleep
Obsessive thinking
Having anxiety
Having a mixed state
Having a manic state
Having med withdrawals
In pain
Having terrible headaches
Aching for sleep
Worried or having any anxieties at all
Ever since this med change really got going I have not been able to stop thinking. Not worrying ...
I wonder. I wonder all the time. What did I dream about last night and why? What did Ancient Rome look like when it wasn’t ancient. How many facets are on a diamond? How did poor people travel in the desert before cars without getting heat stroke? What kind of tree is that? Do I have the right kind of soap to shower later. I want tea... nah.... no actually I want tea. What is my sister up to? What is my other sister up to? What is my other sister up to? How do they do surgery on eyes? What year was candy crush made? Do I have any long lost notes on my kindle? When was my kindle made?
AND on AND on
This has been happening for a few days but tonight it is making me not sleep. I jump from thought to thought.
and I’m worried that if I just lay here and do nothing I will stop wondering and start worrying.
How to quiet a loud and wandering mind...

#BipolarDisorder #Anxiety #Insomina #medchange #Medicationwithdrawal ##wanderingmind #ADD #Cantfocus #Insomniac #Bipolar1 #Thinking #overthinking #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #Noworries #Notmanic #MedicatedAndMighty