Today is June 5th, HIV LONG TERM SURVIVORS awareness day, and I want to share this small documentary/video that my amazing young Italian journalism student from San Jose State University, Alessio Cavalca, did with a lot of love.

Special THANKS to Bill Hirsh, and ALRP, for all they do for our community, so they are part of this video.

Alessio and I connected a few months ago, and he shared with me the fact that one of his cousins died of AIDS in the 80s, and his family was very close to him when that happened. He wanted to bring a little bit of hope to the newly diagnosed and also to the HIV LONG TERM SURVIVORS.

This is also for my part, a focus on how much we need more intergenerational communication.

I'm incredibly thankful to Alessio, as I am to Bill and ALRP, but I want to also send love to all the HIV-LONG TERM SURVIVORS today, who many feel invisible and not acknowledged.

We are part of the first generations growing older with HIV, and all we want is to grow older with dignity.

I am myself a 37 years HIV LONG TERM SURVIVOR, living with chronic pain, but somehow, I think I am lucky to be LIVING LOUD.

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