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Stronger Together

The strength it takes to push through each day is only understood by the survivors. Unfortunately, the survivors to often feel they have to fight the battle alone and in silence. There is strength in numbers and knowledge is power. The more we share our stories the stronger we are with the knowledge of other survivors and their experiences. #Survivor #Survivors #warrior

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💔💔 Couldn’t be more exact. For anyone who is feeling overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, sad, fearful, stressed to the max, in physical, emotional and mental pain..I hope this quote helps in any way possible for you. #Survivors #MajorDepression #severeanxiety #ChronicPain #IBS #Insomnia #Asthma #ChronicMigraines #Justnotfeelingittoday #RemainPositive

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Matter of chances



Don't judge yourself too harshly, even better, don't judge yourself. Second, if you live with chronic pain, pain is not punishment, pain is simply pain. So, even if it comes from your subconscious, let's stop the WHAT DID I DO TO FEEL THIS WAY? or, WHY ME? No worries, even I ask myself that. Am I good enough? what? why do keep asking ourselves those questions, because we have health issues? We are a treasure of wonderful things, besides the health issue you have. I also told myself a few days ago, because I was watching a new series called UNSTABLE. I AM UNSTABLE and I LOVE IT! UNSTABLE CAN BE SO MAGICAL. In the end, I simply am what I am, and yes, I always try to be better, but there are many things I can not change. I AM A ROMANTIC SINGLE LATINO, tall and handsome, LOL, and yes, with some health issues. So, yes, tell yourself, I AM KISSABLE. @healthevoices #Survivors #ChronicPain ing




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AH! LA VIDA!!!! Mojame vida, y mantiene mi fuego encendido aunque haya tormenta. Rain, LIFE rain, make every cell of my body wet but maintain the fire of my existence alive. #wekeepgoing #Survivors #Caregivers #ChronicPain #COVID

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Pushing myself

I live with chronic pain, and other chronic illnesses, including anxiety and PTSD. Many days, I can do one thing per day, and I feel thankful. I am a hero who many times is unable to move much, but my superpowers are full of love and kindness. #Survivors #advocates #hivlongtermsurvivors #wekeepgoing

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Memories? or NIGHTMARES?

I do believe very deeply in my heart that I was abused when I was a baby/kid, but how can I be sure of it? My traumas as an adult, my relationships with men, my I AM A GOOD BOY, my so many reactions in/to live. Therapy? yes, I have done it, and I keep exploring my journey. But I keep asking myself, am I making this up? I remember very vividly this person in my life, abusing me physically and mentally, and somehow I know I was just part of his own journey of mental health problems. But, did it happen? It can be very easy to say, forget about it, and live life by the moment that exists, but is not that easy. Part of me wants to find the answer, but then what? I am thankful for who I am, my amazing life, my I'm still here after 37 years with HIV, cancer survivor of 12 years, and living with chronic pain. I am single, and still looking for that partner in my life, I think I'm incredibly strong, powerful, special, smart, and simply open to getting to know someone. I remind myself each day to repeat BE HUMBLE, but also PROUD of who and what I am. #Survivors #HIV #hivlongtermsurvivors #MentalHealth #Hope #Sleep #dreams #PTSD

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Is anybody experiencing horrible sleeping problems?

Is anybody experiencing horrible sleeping problems? Sadly, out of the blue, around 15 days ago, even with sleeping medication I'm having some horrible times with sleeping. I can not find any changes in my routine affecting me this way. How do you deal with this problem? how many of you have sleeping issues? Have you ever tried Ambien or the generic Zolpidem and had strange side effects? I need to find answers because I feel exhausted. Is funny in some way I want to find my personal solution, and another side wants to find out more in general about how is this problem part of our health communities. #MentalHealth #Sleep #Insomnia #Anxiety #saludmental #Survivors #advocates #PTSD

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Not a second passes by that I don't dance with pain, I go from the twist to that cha cha cha, from hip hop to the waltz. Pain makes me tremble, and inside I sing with high tones, but my body keeps dancing. Vibrate, from the core of my heart, the inside of my column, and the bottom of my feet. Hands up, hands down, the Michael Jackson moonwalk, backward, forward.....and my skin keeps dancing. The reality is that most of the time I'm not moving because my pain dancer partner keeps me tied up to my bed, but wow, my imagination, NEVER stops dancing. #chronic pain #chronic #ChronicIllness #Survivors #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Hope

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Today is June 5th, HIV LONG TERM SURVIVORS awareness day, and I want to share this small documentary/video that my amazing young Italian journalism student from San Jose State University, Alessio Cavalca, did with a lot of love.

Special THANKS to Bill Hirsh, and ALRP, for all they do for our community, so they are part of this video.

Alessio and I connected a few months ago, and he shared with me the fact that one of his cousins died of AIDS in the 80s, and his family was very close to him when that happened. He wanted to bring a little bit of hope to the newly diagnosed and also to the HIV LONG TERM SURVIVORS.

This is also for my part, a focus on how much we need more intergenerational communication.

I'm incredibly thankful to Alessio, as I am to Bill and ALRP, but I want to also send love to all the HIV-LONG TERM SURVIVORS today, who many feel invisible and not acknowledged.

We are part of the first generations growing older with HIV, and all we want is to grow older with dignity.

I am myself a 37 years HIV LONG TERM SURVIVOR, living with chronic pain, but somehow, I think I am lucky to be LIVING LOUD.

#hivlongtermsurvivors #Aging #Survivors #l(hiv)vingloud #Together #MentalHealth #HIV #AIDS #intergenerational #ALRP #Hope


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Lose me. I won’t beg to be chosen..

Be yourself. 😊Realize it’s ok to have others lose you in life, it’s ok, if they don’t choose to have you in their lives. You are enough. #Selfworth #PTSD #Depression #Survivors #BeYourself #youareenough