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Using alternative therapy to help with Autism anxiety!

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When I first took my son for craniosacral therapy I never knew how much it would help him but also how much it would help me! I had no idea what craniosacral therapy was or how it could help but I was willing to give it a try. The practitioner explained that it was a way of working with the body using light touch which supports your body’s innate ability to balance, restore and heal itself. The first thought I had was he is never going to let you touch him in a million years so how is this going to work! She just sat down and let him be himself. He ran back and forth, stimming and giggling to himself just as if she wasn’t there. I felt the energy in the room change, I can’t explain it but it seemed calmer. After 20 mins or so Joe had stopped running and climbed onto the bed like he knew what to do – it’s the strangest feeling in the world to witness something you cannot physically see! We had weekly sessions after that for about 6 weeks and every week he would do the same, stim and run and then eventually calm down.
I started noticing changes in him almost immediately, the most obvious change was that he was less anxious. This meant that I could get him to do different things with less of a struggle. He started being able to control his emotions better, I’m not saying he doesn’t have tantrums because he still does, but he can bring himself out of them. I see the range of emotion before my eyes, anger, grief, acceptance all in about 5 minutes.
This is a boy that only ate ham sandwiches (minus the ham) at school but now eats a variety of foods, even bean wraps. We now have conversations about his day, what he did, what he ate, etc it’s amazing. Only a special needs mum (or dad) knows the desperation of wanting that connection with their child. I remember the first day it happened. I picked Joe up from school asking him lots of question and anticipating his ‘no more’ response, but that day was different, that day he answered me, I continued to ask questions trying to stop the tears rolling down my face. It was one of the happiest times of my life!
Therapy hasn’t just helped Joe, it has helped me see that if I believe something can happen it will. As parents, we are so afraid of what might happen that we let our fear take over and this has an impact on our body too! Letting go of that fear in the sessions calmed my inner turmoil and allowed me to shift my mindset and it’s made a massive difference.
We still go for therapy once a month, it is making a real difference to Joe. He has finally landed and I couldn’t be more proud!


Has anyone benefitted from therapy to alleviate anxiety around potential loud/popping sounds, ie balloons, etc?

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My husband and I are butting heads about ABA therapy. Is it helpful or harmful? In which ways? #AutismTherapy

Our son is 5 and has not had any therapy since his in home therapy before he started ECSD preschool. Now he’s mainstreamed in kindergarten. I’m worried he’s going to continue to fall behind his peers. My husband thinks (from what he’s read) that ABA therapy is too aggressive and can cause more harm than good. Looking for opinions from those on the spectrum. #Autism