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The Psychiatrist #BipolarDisorder #Psychiatrist #MentalHealth

Here’s a song I’ve written called “The Psychiatrist”.

The Psychiatrist

Doctor of the mind
Welcome to mine, I hope you like what you find, it’s definitely one of a kind
Unique, different than all the others
It’s consumed by chaos, hidden undercover

Please let me remind you
Textbooks will only guide you
Are you observing the truth or are you being lied to?
The mind named itself, it gave everything a name, are you just part of the game?

Delving inside the insane
Delving inside the brain
Delving inside the insane
Delving inside the brain

Thoughts become lessons taught
Semblance to stability sought
Eternal battle with yourself fought
Chasing your sanity that eludes to be caught

Delving inside the insane
Delving inside the brain
Delving inside the insane
Delving inside the brain

Delving inside the insane
Delving inside the brain
Delving inside the insane
Delving inside the brain

Delving inside the insane
Delving inside the brain
Delving inside the insane
Delving inside the brain

#songwriting #Music #MightyTogether



Seeing a new psychiatrist tomorrow, wish me luck!
I didn't feel well enough to go in the end - 😕

#Bipolar #Anxiety #Psychiatrist

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Looking for psychiatrist

#BipolarDisorder My son is 36 and struggling so much with bipolar 2. He is unable to work and does not have good insurance, but we need to find a good psychiatrist to evaluate his medication and lead a new treatment plan. We live in upstate NY near Binghamton. Does anyone know of a trusted psychiatrist anywhere near us? #Psychiatrist #treatment #Medication

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In today's digital age, seeking professional help for mental health concerns has become more accessible and convenient than ever before. Online psychiatrist services have emerged as a transformative solution, connecting individuals with licensed psychiatrists through virtual platforms. In this article, we explore the benefits and effectiveness of online psychiatrist services, highlighting their role in revolutionizing mental healthcare and promoting overall well-being.

The Advantages of Online Psychiatrist Services

Convenience and Accessibility : Online psychiatrist services provide unparalleled convenience, eliminating the barriers of distance and travel. Individuals can connect with psychiatrists from anywhere, whether from the comfort of their homes, workplaces, or while traveling. This accessibility is particularly beneficial for those with limited mobility, individuals residing in remote areas, or those facing time constraints. Flexibility in Scheduling : Traditional in-person appointments often require aligning schedules with the availability of psychiatrists and the constraints of physical clinics. Online psychiatrist services offer greater flexibility, allowing individuals to schedule appointments at times that suit their needs. This flexibility reduces the likelihood of missed appointments and facilitates better adherence to treatment plans. Reduced Stigma and Enhanced Privacy : Online platforms provide a level of anonymity that can help reduce the stigma often associated with seeking mental health support. Individuals can engage in therapy without the fear of being recognized in public settings. Moreover, online psychiatrist services prioritize confidentiality and employ secure communication platforms, ensuring that personal information remains private. Diverse Range of Specialists : Online psychiatrist services offer a broad range of specialized professionals, ensuring individuals can find a psychiatrist who aligns with their specific needs. Whether seeking assistance for depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, or other mental health concerns, these platforms connect individuals with psychiatrists who possess expertise in their areas of focus. Continuity of Care : Online psychiatrist services facilitate continuity of care, particularly for individuals who may experience interruptions due to factors such as relocation or travel. With virtual sessions, individuals can maintain their therapeutic relationship with their psychiatrist, ensuring consistent support and continuity in their treatment plans. The Effectiveness of Online Psychiatrist Services

Extensive research supports the effectiveness of online psychiatrist services. Studies have shown that online therapy can yield similar outcomes to in-person therapy for a variety of mental health conditions. Online sessions offer evidence-based treatments, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and psychopharmacological interventions. The convenience and accessibility of online services contribute to better treatment adherence and engagement, leading to positive therapeutic outcomes.

For More Details Check: Psychiatric Services

#Psychiatrist #psychiatristservices

Psychiatric Services

What does a psychiatrist do? The term “psychiatry” takes us to the images and associations like Sigmund Freud’s couch, someone’s head attached to a lot of wires and “getting shocks”, the term “mental person”. These images and associations might make us feel as if psychiatry is
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Trigger warning* not sure if allowed to post I feel maybe I have some Bipolar condition as well as my anxiety

I don’t think I actually am but sometimes I wonder, I know only a professional can diagnose me I think it’s just really bad highs and lows with life changes/ stressors etc. but it happens so often and during the week sometimes I don’t know if my extremes could be something else or not. Was just curious if others who know they have bipolar disorder or are officially diagnosed with it could explain a bit how it is for them? Thanks.

I’ll seek a psychiatrist or doctor to evaluate
Im only diagnosed with
And depression etc

Thanks appreciate any help.
I think I’m just having a tough time right now and I just need to get some help which I’m setting up, but just wanted to hear from others who do struggle with other disorders bpd, ocd, anxiety, depression, or in particular bipolar.

I’m pretty sure I’m having more than my one or two diagnosis but can’t tell what it is

Thanks for any help, but I will seek an evaluation and get some help to confirm. #Bipolar #Diagnosis #Unsure #confused #struggling #Trying #Crying #panic #Doctor #Psychiatrist #Hope #help #Depression #Anxiety #MightyTogether

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#Psychiatrist #dreams #MajorDepressiveDisorder #PTSD #AnxietyAttack #SleepDisorders #MentalHealth #Marriage

Hi all! Hope everyone is well and safe 🙂 And taking good care of themselves.

I really dont know who I can talk too except you all awesome people over here.

I seen my doctor last week. He missed out a medication when I over to see him. When its the night, at around 8+pm, I was about to take my night medication and retire for the night, I found out one of the medication was missing and thats was my sleeping aid.

There is no way I could get to him, expect writing to him. I thought he wanted to stop me for that medication as I am starting work next Monday.

So, I just wrote to him and I went to have my shower.

He wrote to me and called me from his clinic.

He send the medication down personally to my home. He asked me whether my husband will throw a tantrum or get upsets if he does so. I said no ( this is as I have shared alot of my issues between me and husband with him. My age gap with my husband is 17 years. I am his 2nd wife)

He bumped into my husband at the carpark. As he asked which block is mine located at. My husband then asked him is he my doctor. My husband said is okay, he can take it from there and he will bring the medication up to me.

But my doctor insisted on walking my husband up to my unit and passed it personally to me.

To be honest, I’m really touched by his gesture as it was coming to midnight then.

I dont like and have the habit of troubling people when I can pick it up tomorrow from the clinic as I will be near.

I told the doctor that I can picked it up tomorrow from the clinic. He said its alright and its not right for me to pick it up as its his fault.

I have this dream of going through a very long and dimmed tunnel, with just a torch in hand. I had to crawl, for what I remember for around 10-15 minutes to the end. The one receiveing me at the end is a new doctor at his practise ( which is a female doctor ) she then helped me out from the tunnel and handed me to my doctor.

My doctor then asked me can i hold your hand? I said yes of course. And we started chatting while we are spinning? ( sounds dramatic) and it ended up with me hugging him with a arm at his waist. He kept talking about all my problems which I am facing and he said he will take good care of me. While at the other end, his nurses all are staring at me with envy.

I have issues with my husband, we are not intimate for around a year. He has problems lasting or rather getting it up. It really turns me off. I told him to seek professional help. He scolds me and said it is a shame to speak to a doctor and seeking help for that issue. I no longer feel close to him. I no longer hold or hug him. He disgusts me. I no longer wear my wedding ring on my finger- the reason i gave him, my fingers are bloated. I know i am not attracted as compared to me in my 20s. But at least i make an effort to dress and look good when i go out. He doesnt.

I dont bring him and hang out with my friends. As most of my friends spouses are around my age range. My husband temper is getting from bad to worst and i dont know why.

Only a few of my best friends have met him. As for the rest of my friends. They know that I am married, as for who is is my husband, still remains a mystery.

Thank you for hearing me out ❤️ stay safe!

#Psychiatrist #PTSD #MajorDepressiveDisorder #Anxiety #PanicAttacks #PanicDisorder #SleepDisorders



I just started going to a new psychiatrist for the first time since I was 18. Over the past couple years, I learned that I am diagnosed with mixed depression (depression with mixed features). Now with my new psychiatrist he believes I have bipolar disorder. I’ve never had a manic/hypomanic episode, but I’ve experienced mixed episodes over the past decade, especially during spring & fall.

But I feel lost because I agree with my depression w/mixed features. Now I feel like I’m doubting myself all over again and I don’t know what to do or how to feel.
My new medications are working well which is great, but I’m still struggling. I’m keeping busy because if I slow down I’m just going to
Be sad. Just ugh.

#MentalHealth #BipolarDisorder #BipolarDepression #ChronicDepression #Depression #MixedFeatures #Psychiatrist


Psychiatrist no-show #frustrated #Waiting

I waited eight months for a referral appointment with this psychiatrist. I took the morning off work today and stared at my phone for an hour while I waited for his call. Nothing.
I called his office and left a message. Nothing.
What am I supposed to do? I am so tired of trying to get medical help with my depression, anxiety, and ptsd symptoms. I am just so tired.
I called in sick to work and I'm just staying at home and letting the tears fall. I guess I'll count that as my win today - putting my needs ahead of what is happening at work.

#CheckInWithMe #Depression #Anxiety #PTSD #MentalHealth #Psychiatrist #Medication #tired


Hanging On the Edge: One Man's Perspective on Rock Climbing & the Therapeutic Relationship

Rock climbing saved my life. When I am on the side of that mountain, I feel more grounded, more alive, and more connected to the Universe. For me, it’s a holy place. This is my church. In my 32 short years on this planet, I have found climbing to be a beautiful metaphor for overcoming the difficulties life throws our way, sometimes.

In the rock climbing community as in everyday life, we refer to the obstacles we’re working through as “problems”. Although I am tired, hurting, and feel I can’t go on...I don’t give up. I continue pushing through the pain, doubt, and exhaustion until I finally reach the summit. At which point, I can reflect back on all the problems I overcame, the path I took, and what technique I used to get through it. Then, I can feel an overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment for all my hard work. The next time I encounter a similar problem, I'll know what to do to get past it.

No one pushed or pulled me up the mountain. All that hard work was mine. The person on the ground belaying me is merely there to provide me with safety, support, and ensure I do not fall, should I stumble. Everything else is up to me. The more I work through my problems, with my friend supporting me on the ground, the stronger I become.

You see, therapy is a lot like rock climbing. In this allegory or metaphor, you (the climber) are the patient, the mountain is your crisis, the "problems" are all the obstacles that stand between you and overcoming the crisis such as the loss of a job or the death of a loved one or an illness, the summit is mental wellness, and the person belaying you is the therapist.

While your therapist doesn't tell you how to feel, what to think, or what conclusions to come to, they are there as a constant support to figuratively catch you should you have any setbacks during your journey. They keep you safe and secure by "holding the rope" so that you do not plummet, and so you can resume where you left off whenever you are ready.

You can absolutely achieve wellness on your own, or "free climb", but the trek will be significantly more difficult, and there will be no one "on the ground" to spot an easier path or remind you of different techniques you can implement to overcome those problem areas. So even though you are the one doing all the work, your therapist is an integral part of your team, who spots the problem areas ahead of time and assists in identifying the various tools you can use to get past them. In essence, they help you work through the problems in this way, without actually pulling or pushing you up the side of the "mountain". This is how you gain the strength and coping tools needed to persevere toward this summit and all future summits. Thus, rock climbing has taught me that when you replace "I" with "we", mental illness truly does become mental wellness❤

#MentalHealth #CollegeMentalHealth #wellness #CollegeSports #Sports #Therapist #Psychiatrist #ChronicIllnessStigma #EndTheStigma #MentalHealthStigma #BipolarDisorder #Agoraphobia #BrainInjury #Medication #Inspiration #Depression #Addiction #MentalHealthHero