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Autism life - fast charger not included #AutismSociety

A 20 minute shopping trip leaves me exhausted beyond belief. Looking back on my 30+ years as an auty I realize that masking is as tiring as physical activity.


Autism Can Be Overwhelming #Autism #AutismAcceptance #AutismAdvocacy #AutismAwareness #AutismSociety

Autism can be overwhelming on a daily basis. Our minds have 1,000 plus things going on in our heads.

For me I have so many ideas that it gets overwhelming. One way to help myself to keep a level head is to keep a digital to do list.

I know some people like paper but paper overwhelms me because it gets messy and it just stacks up.



I really need some ideas on how to get my 6 yr old son to poop in the toilet! He goes pee in it just fine. He used to be constipated all the time. I figured that was the reason but now I have fixed that problem and still can’t get him to poop in the toilet! Please any help I’m grateful for! #Autism #AutismDiagnosis #AutismSociety #ParentingAutism

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Why won't they understand me

I swear everyone I talk to purposely misunderstand me
It's so frustrating
I can't ask or say or do anything
Because no one understands
I get in trouble, or they look at me like I'm stupid, but I'm not stupid, to me I'm making perfect logical sense
Help me please


Autism/ASD Diagnosis as an Adult

I've recently come to the conclusion that I exist on the neurodivergence spectrum and it has been a whirlwind of a journey.
I'm looking to be professionally diagnosed and I've joined a few supportive communities that discuss these topics.
As an autistic, what are some of the struggles you've had with the medical community? As an adult autistic, have you been able to easily access the resources you need and if not, what kind of struggles did you face?
What was the process of being diagnosed like for you; or, alternatively were you able to get diagnosed and what are your thoughts on it?

Thanks for any feedback.
#ASD #Autism #AutismSociety #AutismEmployment #focus#adhd#Autism #AutismDiagnosis #AutismMeltdowns #Diagnosis #MentalHealthResources #resources #MedicalProfessionals

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My Autistic Experience today at work #Autism #MentalHealth #AutismSociety #AutismSpeaks

I wish I could of told her so much more xx
I have big dreams to become a Vet Nurse.
I got some amazing friend and amazing boyfriend and my family loves me and wouldn’t change me x Planning to travel and go on cruises and go to festivals. Redoing my maths and English xxx
Tell her how hard it can be sometimes but it’s all worth it. #MentalHealth #Autism #AutismSpeaks #AutismSociety


Fussy eaters -ASD children

Does anyone else have a child with an ASD diagnosis who is a fussy eater ? I have identical twins, one who has a diagnosis, one who doesn’t and my child with ASD is so particular with food and what he will eat! I’m looking for some ideas ❤️ #ASD #Autism #AutismSociety #Autism