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#mentaldisorders #symptomcheck #diagnose

Its Krazy How Mental Disorders have these Categories of Symptoms.. & Almost ALL of the Listed Symptoms Apply to the Personality of Someone w that Certain Disorder🤯


Do I have Fibromyalgia? # #

#Fibromyalgia #diagnose
This all started last year in spring with chronic foot pain. I work retail. But this was SEVERE foot pain! My doc tried several meds and sent me to a foot doc with no relief. I started to have episodes of flu symptoms over all body aches but times 10! She did bloodwork and checked me for flu but all was normal. So she sent me to a neurologist. I was checked for neuropathy RA Lupus and blood work was done. I was deficient in iron B D. So my symptoms were said to be related to defeciency. Well my symptoms got worse with time. deficiency was corrected. I started having back pain it was not caused by anything I just woke up that way one morning. it was horrible pain. lasted for four months. no medication would take away the pain. either. I went to chiropractor and physical therapy made way worse. I had mri and my back was totally normal. pain lasted for four months. then went away. still pain in feet all this time and bouts of body aches and pains. so one night I got home from work and my feet were grossly swollen! I went to my doc the next day and she was concerned may be circulatory. so she ordered an ultrasound. my paperwork got mixed up and never went through. so I got sent to er where they checked my heart lungs liver kidneys legs feet all normal. swelling lasted two and a half weeks. finally went away. no reason found. doc offered tramadol for my pain told her it wouldn’t help have tried already. then she offered Gabapentin. it worked!!!! I walked for the first time without hobbling in a long time! so I almost have an appointment with a rheumatologist. I’m asking to be tested for Fibro. I’ve done a lot of research and it’s adding up. I have many of the symptoms. I def get the brain fog and memory issues. I trip over nothing all the time. I have restless leg. urgency with bladder so bad I pee on myself
sometimes. pain in feet the most in legs knees hips back elbows. insomnia. fatigue terrible. depression. the list is endless. and it’s getting worse. I’m
so thankful
for the Gabapentin! it’s really working for my pain! I hope I get a good doctor for rhuematologist. and a diagnosis. I just want a name to what is going on.