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Happy Monday

Hello to all my lovely warriors out there. Today in Illinois it is a cool rainy day. Today is a day that I am struggling and could use some good thoughts good vibes or prayers. Three months ago I broke my ankle. Then one month ago I injured my meniscus on the opposite leg. I am in a great deal of pain and to top it all off I am losing even more hearing and faster than I have previously been. I am feeling so isolated and lonely because I feel like I can not connect to those around me because of the pain but also the hearing loss. #HearingLoss #ehlerdanlossyndrome #ChronicPain #ChronicFatigue #Bedridden


I'm not doing so well..

I'm supposed to be an active and social 20 year old but instead I've been unable to leave my bed for the past few weeks..
How did I let this happen to me? Last year I was going to the gym 4/5 days a week and now I can't motivate myself to even leave the house.

My parents force me to get a 40-hours job because I dropped out of college, but I really don't think I'm able to do so. They do not understand how much a mental illness can affect a person and how it can stop them from being able to get out of bed or leave the house to do the simplest things.

It really hurts me that my parents don't understand what I'm going through. I also haven't told my friends what's going on and I feel like I'm suffering in silence even though it's my own fault I don't talk about my mental state.

#Depression #Bedridden #MentalHealth #MentalIllnessStigma #SufferinginSilence


Tip When You Are Bedridden

Today I took my grocery bag of granola bars, breakfast bars, fruit, dried fruit, etc, opened all the boxes and dumped them in the bag instead of in the bag in their own boxes. It’s sort of like a Halloween bag of goodies next to the bed. When I can’t get to the kitchen to eat I know I still have healthy snacks until I can get help. And it’s a happy little surprise when I reach in the bag. I can either do that or look in to it to pick something specific out that I’m craving. #Bedridden #ChronicPain #Food

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This is what mental health MDD looks and sounds like. #MDD #Depression #housebound #Bedridden

Feeling massively trapped - housebound - MDD is very debilitating but often people don’t see it - we hide in the shadows or put on a “happy face”. This is real.


How do you handle family members who continue to ask you to do things far beyond your ability? I’m bedridden and am asked to go to Europe. ##misunderstood ##Bedridden #CantTravel #wtf

I’ve been ill since the early 90’s. My brother is planning a trip to Europe in late summer. We are in the US. He texted me today asking me to come. How on earth can he expect that when I can hardly leave my house, much less my bed?