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Hard to Function

Days Like This Sucks People Don’t Know How Strong We Are Depression is not for sissies
Stay strong you will prevail
#Depression #Beingstrong #PTSD #Mentalheal

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Motivation for three days. #Autism #Motivational #Beingstrong #Exercise

Got a list for motivation lately for my three days off. Had rough few days well few weeks tbh. Lost my Nan sadly so I wrote a list to what to do I need to get back to normal. I been working but then I go straight to sleep after. I need to get from work or day off and keep busy. No sleeping during day! Keep you updated guys good outcome or low outcome x
#MentalHealth #Autism #greif #Beingstrong #Exercise


Side effects #Medication

Having been found to have high blood pressure, the doc prescribed an ACE inhibitor. I have persevered. It’s 3am and once again I am awake because I am struggling to breathe and constantly coughing. My condition ruined what was supposed to be a romantic day with my husband.
I can’t say I have not thought of stopping my life. My driving licence is in review due to my condition, my PIP is being reconsidered after being stopped and the Parliamentary Ombudsman is dealing with the Mental Health Team that made so many mistakes.
Unable to go out due to agoraphobia I was so proud of myself on Tuesday for hiking in the park. I can go to the doctors today to change my medicine. My doctor is filling in the DVLA form and has assured me he sees no reason why I cannot drive. I can’t do anything to change decisions on my PIP nor the case against the NHS.
I can have a drink, read whilst I’m awake and try and sleep on the settee.
My husband is understanding and there will always be another day for romance.
I’ve got this.
#Cyclothymia #Beingstrong #Anxiety