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    Love, Light And Remembrance.

    A lit candle in remembrance of my Uncle. Also many more lit candles for each and every one of you that have lost loved ones, relatives and friends. May they be at rest and rest, and hopefully may they occasionally pop down from that party up in heaven just to check in on us and say hello. I miss you Uncle Marty, life will never be the same without you.. 🕯️ 🕊️ #greif #SuicideLoss #Depression #SituationalDepression #PTSD

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    Hurting and Regret #greif #hurting #how do I cope? #Filled with REGRET

    I just received word of a Very Dear Friends passing. This is hitting me so hard right now, I don't know how to cope. It seems like I am always having people to either walk out of my life or the pass on to the next life. What is hitting me so hard is, I didn't know how sick they were and I now kind of realize that their last plea was a way to say goodbye and I completely missed it because of dealing with my own selfish health issues. I am now flooded with so many memories. What do I do now? My Heart is shattered once again from pain and grief. I have never been able to deal with death very well as I have experienced so much of it in my time here. To make matters worse I hate fighting these types of battles ALONE. It seems that I am always in a battle, Where is the Love, compassion and understanding?
    #Desperate to Heal
    #I just want Forever Love


    A friend of mine at work recently triggered my PTSD. I had to deal with that. She was mean. We aren’t friends anymore. So now I’m grieving. It’s complicated and hard. #PTSD #BipolarDepression #greif #Anxiety


    No matter how it ended, remember that you did your best and the blame doesn’t fall to either of you. Letting go and latching on is apart of life.

    #AbusiveRelationship #MentalHealth #Healing #greif #Acceptance

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    Suicide survivor

    Hi everyone! I’m so glad I found this group and hope I can help one person fight another day or help a survivor know you can get through this. A little bit about my story, I grew up with my amazing mother. Unfortunately she ended her life (this was about 12th attempt throughout the years) when I was only 15 years old and I found her 5 days later hanging in our basement. My life was shattered. Clearly there is so much more to the story but here I am 20 years later and I have came to terms with her decision. Trust me lots of self care, therapy, grief groups, finally getting sober (8 years now) and more. Please feel free to ask me anything. Thanks for reading everyone (PS the picture I included is 1 of the 3 I have of her, one is her and the other one is my mom and me when I was little !!! #Suicide #SuicideSurvivor #greif #MentalHealth #SuicideLoss #AfterSuicideLoss #Depression #whatifs #Guilt #missmymom #SuicideSquad #suicidesucks

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    Sadness on an anniversary of an amazing HUMAN AUNTIE

    My HUMAN is sad. She is emotional. She’s overcome with the return of the same exact grief the way she grieved in shock, disbelief that it was true, and the empty space that instantly grabbed an enormous piece of her heart 7 years ago yesterday on 10/17/2014.

    I every so often (possibly a little more than “every so often) bust her chops, pester her with my over the top requests and demands that as I believe to be totally within reason and pretty much be a permanent standard for a pouch as myself.

    I have watched her recently struggle beyond a shadow of a doubt more than ever since. Some of the struggles being suffering and atempting to push through one the sickest I’ve witnessed in all the years we’ve been a duo. The other how it is affecting her mind, as it just seems to spiral at a rapid pace.

    So for tonight, no ball busting, just kisses and cuddles. Xoxo

    #Depression #Anxiety #greif #Loss #Sadness #Passing #heartbreak #BreastCancer #CervicalCancer #UterineCancer #Suddenheartattack #Gastroparesis #Fybromyalgia #ParkinsonsDisease #Upallnight

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    Losing my Mom

    I lost my mom earlier this year, she went into the hospital the 2nd week of January and we lost her February 26th 2021. A day before my daughter's 4th birthday.

    Within those weeks of being in the hospital we found out my mom had cancer she had a port put in and started her 1st round of chemo. The worst case senerio happened, her body was not strong enough the chemo made a hole in abdomen. At that point they did what they could and continued to wait to get her white blood cell count up. We found out her cancer was spreading to her liver. We were told she needed to get stronger before the next surgery could happen that day never came.

    This all was happening while the pandemic was changing our lives. My mom was in the hospital alone we could not be by her side due to covid. We couldn't risk being the reason why she could be at risk and the hospital wouldn't have allowed it. There my mom was telling us we abandoned her. I would call her but not as much as I should have but I knew my dad was calling her daily. I told myself If anyone should talk to her it was him. She died February 26 around 6pm, I remember getting the call around 4:30pm the doctors wanted us all to rush there. I knew what was going to happen and waited because I wasn't ready. I had my daughter and family kids over. I used them as an excuse. I arrived right after she passed but my dad made it with one of my sisters.

    Life has been hard grief changes you in so many ways. I'm learning day by day and also trying to help my 4 year old through the loss of her grandmother.

    Just two months before she passed I was lucky enough to have gotten married. I went from being in wedding bliss to a living nightmare. I am still learning how to continue with life as well as still be there for everyone else.

    #Cancer #greif

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    Thankful for The Struggle today #CPTSD #PTSD #greif #Anxiety #ChronicPain #Depression #Deep

    Never knew I could be so adaptable- Definitely thankful for all the wrong and painful things that have made me who I am. We are truly artists in our own right.

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    The Hardest Thing We Ever Had To Do !

    Yesterday My wife And Myself. Had to make the decision to take her mom off of life support. We got to say good by.It was peaceful and she is not suffering and more #greif #PTSD

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    Motivation for three days. #Autism #Motivational #Beingstrong #Exercise

    Got a list for motivation lately for my three days off. Had rough few days well few weeks tbh. Lost my Nan sadly so I wrote a list to what to do I need to get back to normal. I been working but then I go straight to sleep after. I need to get from work or day off and keep busy. No sleeping during day! Keep you updated guys good outcome or low outcome x
    #MentalHealth #Autism #greif #Beingstrong #Exercise