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Two Windows To Seeing The First Snowfall

I’m going to be honest here, after 29 years of being in a wheelchair, I hate winter. Sorry for being so blunt but, every year seems to be just a little bit harder then the last. I don’t think anyone with a physical disability really truly embraces the season with open arms, either. So what are we to say as we scroll through all those social feeds and see the first snowfall pictures everyone shares with such enthusiasm?

As I look out my office window at our freshly snow covered grass and fenceline, let me suggest two windows to which we might see the first signs of snowy winter.

#Disability #Winter #Beauty #Hope

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Two Windows To Seeing The First Snow Fall

Two Windows To Seeing The First Snow Fall

I’m going to be honest here, after 29 years of being in a wheelchair, I hate winter. Sorry for being so blunt but, every year seems to be just a little bit harder then the last. I don’t…
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I feel emotional tonight,

I wonder if it's cuz #Winter is coming back around. OR if im stressing if the house will sell. I'M praying it will. My prayers haven't been answered yet Have to have a positive mind set #TheMighty #MentalHealth #MightyTogether #Depression #Anxiety #moving #LearningDisabilities #sad

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I miss the sunshine. I need the Sun. Come back

The sun did come out for like 2 days last week. So it's been long gloomy and grey depressing days. It really effects your moods. Makes you tired. I can not wait for #Spring I'M so done with #Winter . We have been very lucky so far this year with hardly any stupid #snow ha. #TheMighty #MightyTogether #Depression #MentalHealth \

I haven't really been posting on here much. Just finding it to gloomy for me.


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I 'M Feeling sad % i wanna cry. BUT

I have not idea why. It's funny how in #Winter time. You can feel fine and then all of a sudden #Depression feelings come to you. You feel depressed.

#TheMighty #MightyTogether #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #LearningDisability #winterblues

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I did it #Travel #Vacation

I did it. I went on my trip. It didn't all work out as I had envisioned, but it went quite smoothly and I think it was a good risk. I struggled a lot with the food choices, so mealtimes always brought some anxiety, but it was nice to be in a bubble for a few days, often without phone or internet signals. I was able to have conversations with other travelers, and since they were fairly brief I didn't feel too uncomfortable or pushed to share anything too personal.

This was my first time traveling in 3 years, since I had to leave my masters program in Finland due to rapidly declining mental health. I am definitely in a better place than I was then, and since Covid made everyone's worlds become much smaller I wasn't the only one with little to show for the past few years.

The vacation did bring up a few things:
1) I have to get out of this city/region. Living here just makes my anxiety worse because of fear that I might unexpectedly run into my ex one day.

2) I don't like my job. I haven't let myself even think in such a definitive way about my job before this trip, but now I am sure. I need to find a new job.

3) I have a habit of "mirroring" people. If someone struck up a conversation with me on the trip, I caught myself watching them for cues about what to talk about, what emotions to express, and when to leave the conversation. It was very hard for me to end the conversation on my own, even if I had to go to the bathroom or needed to move on to the next event. I've been talking about boundaries with my therapist lately and I think this is connected.

4) Although this trip was a big change in my routine and represented a big step forward, I am still not ready to fully re-engage in life. I need a safe bubble of people, routines, and work. I'm not sure how to create that with simultaneously needing to move and change my job, but I know I need to.

I got back home yesterday and fell into bed. It's been nearly 24 hours and I have mostly been just lying in bed or sleeping. I have the impulse to do things like deep clean my apartment, but I just keep lying there. I was able to get some long overdue things done before the trip because of the deadline, but now it feels like I am just going to slide back into the muck and mire of life here.

In the end, I'm glad I took the trip and had some time off work. I'm glad it didn't result in any panic attacks. I'm glad I was able to interact with strangers in a way that felt safe. I'm glad that I didn't just stay home in my apartment for a week.

#MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #narcissisticabusesurvivor #Winter #Vacation #goals

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What’s your 2 favourite tea flavours? I love Vanilla Red Rooibos, and cinnamon/ginger/etc spice teas. ☕️⛸❄️⛄️
#home #tea #cozy #inbed #Winter

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Good morning, have a blessed day.

Wishing you a peaceful relaxing blessed Sunday. Stay safe,

I'M feeling okay this morning. Looking forward to my outting today. Hoping it's a fun day. It's just another #Winter day. Gloomy and grey day.

#TheMighty #MightyTogether #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth

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Quick Tip Thursday: Protect Your Insulin Pump From Cold Temperatures

Protect your insulin pump from cold temperatures by wearing the insulin pump close to your body and adding an extra layer of clothing to keep it warm.

#Diabetes #DiabetesType1 #DiabetesType2 #Diabetestype3 #lada #mody #prediabetes #GestationalDiabetes #JuvenileDiabetesType1 #ChronicIllness #AutoimmuneDisease #Lifestyle #Health #Tips #Winter #Support #SupportGroups #MightyTogether

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Wellness Wednesday: Managing Diabetes & Other Conditions During The Holidays

Does anyone have a challenging time managing diabetes and health conditions during the winter?

With the holidays and cold temperatures where I live, it's challenging for me to manage my diabetes regularly.

Take a moment to read Diane’s story on how she keeps herself motivated during the holidays:

Busting the Winter Blues: Managing T2D With Other Chronic Illnesses

❓What tips do you have when it comes to managing health conditions during the winter season?

Share your thoughts and tips in the comments 👇🏾

#Diabetes #DiabetesType1 #DiabetesType2 #Diabetestype3 #lada #mody #prediabetes #GestationalDiabetes #JuvenileDiabetesType1 #ChronicIllness #AutoimmuneDisease #Lifestyle #Health #Winter #Tips #Support #SupportGroups #MightyTogether

Busting the Winter Blues: Managing T2D With Other Chronic Conditions

When the temperatures drop, it can be easy to slip into the winter blues.
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