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Getting older sucks

#Guilt . My husband has been ill for close to 10 years #chronicillness. I have become his #Carer &. I resent it, also #resentment because he has done this to himself. #binging on #junkfood & inactivity have ruined his health. He knew it but couldn’t control the #Addiction to food. Now all of his major organs are shutting down. He has been #neardeath 3 times in the past year. We are looking at #nursinghomes . I #resent that our lives have changed. I love my husband, but he’s always been a #difficultcompanion. I’ve had to do without many things that were important to my #Happiness & now I’m still having to devote all of my time to #beinghiscarer . When will it be #myturn ? Obviously I feel #disgustedwithmyself for thinking this way. And feel #Shame . To admit to it.

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Am I recovering or just binging #EatingDisorders #confused #binging

You would think this would be enough for my lactose intolerant self and maybe a big step in my recovery as I’m trying to allow myself treats during the day (not just at home late at night) but no. Well it was but the fullness made me hungrier :))))))). Now I have a massive stomach ache wooooo #EatingDisorders


Has anyone else binged constantly after having an ed

So I just wanted to know if there’s anyone out there who even with the voices of an ed in their head constantly binge and even with the calorie counting and constant fear of food, which then leads to the so much guilt after. Plus it makes me feel unjustified in my anxiety bc it’s like well if I’m able to eat then I must be over reacting about still having an ed. Idk thoughts?
#EatingDisorders #binging #Anxiety


Not the traditional eating disorder #binging

I realized I have an eating disorder as well that does not fit into the categories. Since I was a child I have binged on foods that constipate me, then, when the crisis is over, I do it all again. I only recently acknowledged that that is in fact, an eating disorder; that I have an . Like an alcoholic, every time I do it I swear I'll never do it again. But no matter how much misery it causes me, I keep doing it. I'm 53.

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