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I have fibromyalgia since I had gastric bypass surgery. So it's been 9yrs. When I hurt I'm told I'm either looking for attention or just plain old lying about it. I've told them to read up on it. My house is a mess, but I get late starts because hubby works at night & he needs sleep. But he & others at least in his family don't read what I have to understand what I go through. My sister & family understand because others have what I have so I know I get some from the mothers side. How do I make the married side to understand. I can't take any meds that have nsaids because of the surgery. Arthritis Dr seems to not care the PT she recommended was rude as heck I'm not looking for pain pills, just want I need is more pills, but something to help control the fibromyalgia. I do have other problems but again the same thing as before just looking for attention, yeah right. My sister makes me cry because she tells people that I am the strongest woman she knows because I try to make others smile even when I don't feel good. Those positive words lift me up more than she knows. Thank you for reading this.
#ChronicIllness #FibromyalgiaSucks #anxitysucks #bipolarsucks


I thought I was okay. #bipolarsucks #bipolarsucks #hypomanic

I thought I was alright today. My parents just moved here and I've missed them so much. The first part of the day was great. Then the exhaustion caught up and then the depression bipolar mood swing too. I swung low and hard, my parents are understanding, but it doesn't change how bad I feel that I can't just be normal for them, for everyone. I want to be happy that they're here and I am, but i want to feel that on the outside.... and i can't. I just cant.

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This is why I haven’t tried to end it all. All of the anxiety, depression, paranoia, PTSD, bipolar, pain, dancing with those demons all the time. This is why I choose to fight. This is why I choose one more day. My grand babies are my hero’s. #OneMoreDay #bipolarsucks #keepfighting #Depression #MentalHealthHero #PTSD #Anxiety


Blaming myself

My whole life I’ve battled bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder and PTSD. I have a now 19 year old daughter who I saw similar behaviors and avoidances in life. She was diagnosed bipolar last week and I’m beating myself up. Is there something I could’ve done to prevent her to living in a world similar to mine. Did I wait too long to get her diagnosed (even though I did bring her at 15 and she refused to take her meds). Why couldn’t she escape this mutation. I feel like it’s all my fault and ready to crumble from the thought of her future. My only hope is they figure her medication out quickly. She’s put her life on hold for so long afraid of her symptoms. I wanted better for her and I’m so scared