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Pandora's door

One, two, three, four, my heart beats in time with the Rhythm, and my feet hit the floor An empty beat in time,can't take anymore. Blood pumping,racing,nerves vibrating standing inside pandora's door. No forwards, no backwards, feet Frozen heart pumping, can't beg or implore. I'm standing inside Pandora's door. One, two, three, four, my heart skips a beat in time, lost Rhythm and rhyme, with endless spaces of time. Laughing, spinning, twisting fate, Frozen feet on the floor inside Pandora's door. Somehow, I'll make the compromise, take the step, find the Rhythm, and dance once more despite opening Pandora's door. #Poetry #MightyPoets #Mania #hypomanic #BipolarDisorder #porechoices #ADHD #Addiction #AnxietyAttack #Hypersexuality

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#hypomanic # sleep deprived

Awake at 12:30am....
Have not slept more than 10 hours in three days. My body and mind won’t calm down. Keep on taking my meds but do not seem to been strong or last long enough.
Ended up switching to a night shift at my job. It has been a relief in many ways but I thought I would be exhaust. Nope.
Also feeling a high from the weight loss so have probably eatten one food a day. Yesterday was a bagel. The thought of eating often make me feel like I want to vomit.
I love my job so much more now that it’s not very busy and there are not 7 supervisors and corporate hovering over me. I don’t have to set an alarm and seem to have more time to myself.
It just sucks that any change in my life is a big trigger for an intense episode. Now just hoping I will crash soon before I don’t go even further over the edge.


Work frustration!

I told my boss in a casual manner that I have #Bipolar2Disorder and #Anxiety , among other issues that I did not mention. She responded very inappropriately-- saying I don't need meds and that if I move to a third world nation I'll see that I have "nothing to be anxious about" and I won't need medication anymore...

So inappropriate! And it leads me to wonder- should I not have told my boss about some of my diagnoses? I figure it's okay because a) break the stigma and b) it's a disability that can affect my work so she legally has to accommodate that (I've had previous bosses who were very understanding and accommodating)

Either way, maybe I said too much (I talk a lot when I'm feeling #hypomanic , as today is the case) And I should've kept it to myself but I'm so personally passionate about mental health and invisible disabilities that I felt morally and personally obligated. What would you do?


#hypomanic ??? Aaaahhh... please help???

So... I was told by a counselor I was having a hypomanic episode but was hesitant to try to diagnose me with bipolar II...

Symptoms keep popping up since around Wednesday night. I’d been depressed most of the week and didn’t think anything was wrong until suddenly I was having significant lapses in memory. And here’s the new thing. So I did what my counselor told me to do. I took melatonin as a sleep aid. But I woke up 3 hours later.... for no reason. He said I’d probably wake up feeling kinda drugged, and I did, but it was very VEEERRRRYYY brief. And I’m about ready to tell my roommates what’s going on with me, because I’m also about ready to not be nice about things they’re doing anymore. One is and has been coming in past curfew and rung the doorbell like a madman, and the other used my cup. So basically I’m ready to hide my dishes and generally text the group saying “bring your effing key, because I’m unhealthy and if you wake me up again, I’m not going to be nice about it”

Mind you, I’m typically way more patient than this. I’ve been uncharacteristically messing up and being impulsive left and right.


Can I be normal now? #Bipolar #ifeelcrazy #hypomanic

I'm just so tired of feeling like there's constantly something wrong. I want the baseline of just good. I would even be okay with a baseline of "fine" but not these constant swings in emotions.


I thought I was okay. #bipolarsucks #bipolarsucks #hypomanic

I thought I was alright today. My parents just moved here and I've missed them so much. The first part of the day was great. Then the exhaustion caught up and then the depression bipolar mood swing too. I swung low and hard, my parents are understanding, but it doesn't change how bad I feel that I can't just be normal for them, for everyone. I want to be happy that they're here and I am, but i want to feel that on the outside.... and i can't. I just cant.



we love being hypomanic but not officially cuz you're still a minor so you can't be properly diagnosed but your doctor is like um so this is a major possible diagnosis but you're still too young and yeah. current state: definitely hypomanic cuz my mind doesn't go to full manic states as of right now. also i'm caffeinated which is adding to the crazy. sometimes this scares people away so that's fun too. #Mania #BipolarDisorder #hypomanic


Feeling Super Hypomanic/Manic And Restless

Wow. I am in full blown hypomanic/manic mode right now. I am talking to so many people and commenting on so many status, etc. It’s like a snorted a line of cocaine. My vision has even slightly adjusted to being sharper and slightly more magnified. I am extremely restless and I don’t know what to do with myself. I even feel slightly suicidal, it’s weird.
What to do in this state???

I am taking 750 Divalproex ER.

#Bipolar #BipolarDisorder #Manic #hypomanic #restless #heartracing


My top peevs

1. Trying to tell me I must be manic when I’m having a meltdown or f I'm upset

2. Telling me to adjust my meds and try it this way or that way. Don't tell me what to do

3. Trying to kill my mood when I’m hypomanic

4. Bi polar
#Bipolar #Depression #hate #sad #hypomanic