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Recovering from a breast biopsy

Hi everyone! I had my biopsy on Thursday and I'm still really sore .. how long was the recovery period for you ? Getting the results on Friday.. fingers crossed it's good news. Will update when I find out x
Sending all my love and best wishes ❤️


Breast biopsy and concerns

I am having a biopsy this morning. It took me a while to fall asleep last night, and I only got a few interrupted hours before waking up with my mind racing. There are a lot of factors making this difficult. Of course the cancer scare. My mom had breast cancer. But also, I had shoulder surgery 6 weeks ago and I have very limited range of motion on the same side as the lumps and enlarged lymph node. I am going to have to have my arm in a position that is going to be uncomfortable for much, much longer than it has been in for a very long time. This procedure could interfere with the repair I just had (rotator cuff repair, biceps tenodesis, and debridement). My surgeon suggested I postpone it, but the radiologist was firm that she didn't want to wait longer than 2 weeks after the ultrasound. It's been 2 weeks and I just got out of the sling a few days ago. The surgeon is worried about it freezing from the increased pain, not that the procedure itself will damage anything. So I am concerned. I am going to work closely with my physical therapist.

I am also very uncomfortable going to the breast biopsy clinic as a trans man. The pamphlet they gave me about the procedure said to "wear comfortable clothing and a bra." I had top surgery (a double mastectomy with chest reconstruction) about 11 years ago, but breast tissue is left behind to create contouring so I still have a risk of cancer. I do not wear bras and want to express my displeasure in the wording in their pamphlet. I feel like I am not a patient they include or know anything about. That makes it extremely difficult to feel prepared and comfortable for the biopsy.

I've also been experiencing a bunch of other symptoms including fatigue, unintentional weight loss, and slightly high white blood cell count for the last year.

Another concern is the ultrasound report my doctor got. It didn't have any information besides the enlarged lymph node. There was no mention of the lumps. It did say the ultrasound was limited due to recent surgery, but not what the lumps were. I think they told me during the ultrasound, but I don't remember. My memory is poor, especially when I'm anxious, so I asked for my partner to be present for the results. But the radiologist started talking to me before the tech let him in and didn't repeat everything I asked her to. After a week and a half of calling to get answers, they said the radiologist will do a repeat ultrasound at the biopsy.

Then I have to wait for the pathology results over the holiday.

This is so overwhelming as a person who already has severe anxiety. I'm grateful to have the support of my chosen family.

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Worried.. #HereditaryBreastAndOvarianCancer #BreastBiopsy #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth

I'm worried....
I'm high risk for getting breast cancer. My mom died from it before she was 60. Her mom got several cancers, including breast cancer twice. She died of cancer. Her mom (my GGM) died of breast cancer. My dad's mom got cancer years ago but survived it. I just turned 40. I had my first mammogram done 6 months ago. My breast tissue is so dense, I needed a breast ultrasound as well. "Normal looking" nodules were found. I was told come back in 6 months for a check up. I havent been very worried. Yesterday was my check up. This time I got a breast MRI. I was told the results would be sent to my primary care physician and I'd get the results from her in about a week. I'm still not very worried at this point. But that changed this morning when I got a call from the place I got my MRI from, saying I needed to come in today for them to get a biopsy from a lump in my breast. I was not expecting something like that! I think that if they didnt wait for the results to get to my Dr and want me to come in right away to do a biospy, it must look like cancer from the images. I couldnt go in today. I'm going tomorrow. I'm trying to not freak out and think worst case cenario, but its hard. Its especially hard since I have MDD, PTSD and high anxiety. I told a friend and told my boyfriend. I'm not telling my family right now. No point in them worrying for nothing if it turns out to be benign. I dont see how I will be able to sleep tonight!

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I Am in the Hospital

#BreastBiopsy I am in the hospital for a breast biopsy. They found two lumps on my left breast. I am in a lot of pain. Please pray for me.


Tomorrow's surgery #Anxiety #BreastBiopsy #BreastCancer

I'm having really bad anxiety attacks right now. I'm having a breast excisional biopsy in the morning and I am so nervous about the anesthesia part. I know everything will be benign and I'm not worried about that. It's the being "put under" that I'm scared of. I went through this last year and I don't remember being this anxiety ridden. Agh!!!!