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chatcat761 Cathy Carlile Turner

#chatcat76  I'm so excited...I found myself! Please don't reply to the text in the title as this is my home. I'm so sorry. I bet I'm the first one to make a mistake! The name of my closed group is Let's See the Patient. I'd love for you to join, as I'm getting all my writings together about my Chronic illnesses and I love to help make appointments go better. Soon, when I'm eligible, (I'm new, so I might not be "old" enough yet), I'd love to do "rooms". I'll get my story in asap. But I'm pausing for a flare to end!

Have a good ??? My husband forgot to tell me what day it is.


#TBI #Dystonia #CervicalDystonia #Neuropathy #Virus #EpsteinbarrVirus #LymeDisease #CpapMachine #Relationships #DoctorVisit

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Sleep Issues

I was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea. Two weeks in, second mask trial, and having terrible time. I can't wait for this to be easier.. I can't sleep with it on, but I have to clock in 4hrs a day wearing it for my insurance to cover the machine or they take it back. 😑 as soon as I take it off, I can “sleep”... which does me no good lol

But enjoy my Hannibal Hector-ness 😷😂👏 #SleepApnea #CpapMachine #CPAP #SleepDisorders

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Return to Office... with CPAP marks

I will be required to return to the office in a couple weeks. While I have a little general anxiety about reintegrating, I'm very concerned about the lines on my face left by my CPAP. I cannot avoid them because I am a side sleeper and they last for HOURS. :( I feel so self conscious just thinking about it. Anyone have any remedies to help my skin/face "bounce back" in the mornings? #CPAP #CpapMachine #SleepApnea #ReturnToOffice