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Sleep Issues

I was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea. Two weeks in, second mask trial, and having terrible time. I can't wait for this to be easier.. I can't sleep with it on, but I have to clock in 4hrs a day wearing it for my insurance to cover the machine or they take it back. 😑 as soon as I take it off, I can “sleep”... which does me no good lol

But enjoy my Hannibal Hector-ness 😷😂👏 #SleepApnea #CpapMachine #CPAP #SleepDisorders

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Return to Office... with CPAP marks

I will be required to return to the office in a couple weeks. While I have a little general anxiety about reintegrating, I'm very concerned about the lines on my face left by my CPAP. I cannot avoid them because I am a side sleeper and they last for HOURS. :( I feel so self conscious just thinking about it. Anyone have any remedies to help my skin/face "bounce back" in the mornings? #CPAP #CpapMachine #SleepApnea #ReturnToOffice


Highly Sensitive People and Cpap machines #HSP #highlysensitivepeople #HighlySensitive #HighlysensitivePerson #CPAP #SleepApnea

I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. Every time I tried to sleep with my machine, I could feel it on my face so I couldn't get a good night's sleep because I was always aware of it on my face. Has anyone else had this experience?

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CPAP Noise sleep apnea #CPAP #CPAPMachine #CPAPMachine #cpapisreal #CPAP

Ok so sleep apnea isn’t the funkiest of problems. It doesn’t get the press that other things do. And if I’m being honest is probably the easiest problem I have to deal with.

But the noise.....

Ok so I have always had a problem with noise. As a youngster I was tested over and over for what we now know as tinnitus. I have enjoyed loud concerts and been around racing engines, one way or another, all my life. My hearing, apart from tinnitus, is spot on. How my brain interprets that noise s a different matter.

But that’s not the reason for this post......


So anyone that uses one of these machines will know, the machine is silent, or so it seems. But strap that animal harness to your head, with that nose bag on and it’s like your standing in an air tunnel. The noise is horrendous. Put in earplugs and it sounds like the noise is coming from the bowels of the fact the wind needed to put out the fires of hell.

I tried putting soothing sounds on my Alexa device. Thinking this might lull hope. To hear it I had to turn it up. Kinda going against the noise thing.

I tried wireless buds ffs to say the least was no good and the same could be said about headphones.....but I did try.

I looked a those Bose sleepbuds......seriously expensive and then I found out they are not noise cancelling in the way I would like and they play sounds to lull you to sleep. Again against the noise thing along with the other tried and tested noise emitting apparatus.

This morning, after dealing with the dogs, my normal formalities and my medication.....I fell onto the bed. Usually. If I feel like this I would put my mask on and sleep.
Today I relished the silence. I mean other than the ever present tinnitus was silent. For me a complete rarity. Is been so many years since I’d heard silence. And I miss it like an old best forever friend. Like snuggling, real.....nothing. There was something restful just there in my grasp......

And then it was gone.

Miss you xx


Any tips for using a CPAP machine?

Hey, everyone. I’m getting a CPAP machine this Friday and I’m a little nervous. I’ve heard that it can take a while to get used to it and to be able to wear it for a full night. I also suffer with dry skin and very dry lips. Is there a specific cream I could use for it?

Thank you all in advance.

#CPAP #SleepApnea #Tips #Advice

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It took them two years to tell me that I have sleep apnea!

In 2018 I had a device put on my wrist and finger to measure my oxygen levels as I sleep. I have always had sleep issues. Both falling asleep and staying asleep. So my doctor referred me and that’s what they did. I got told a couple of weeks later that the test came back NORMAL. I never heard from the sleep clinic again... Until today.

I was told that I have sleep apnea and that I stopped breathing during that test. I was told that I need to go and collect a CPAP machine.

It’s completely blown my mind that it’s taken TWO YEARS to tell me that I stop breathing sometimes when I sleep.


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