I can't help but be taken by the things Serico does. A few weeks ago he changed up our game " ball " . I didn't understand at first and wondered how I couldn't, it was so obvious.
Our game of " ball " consists of me tossing it and he retrieves. He was master of " ball ", leaping to get in front of the ball or catch it in the air. Sometimes bouncing off the walls, literally! On occasion he'd lay down to chew on it or run as I reached for it, so he could be chased. Of course his attention is easily caught at 4 months, still.
Then one day I toss it down the hall, as he runs towards the ball he stops picks up a rawhide and continues. Unwilling to let the rawhide go, but also wanting to bring the ball back. Not an easy task when you only have your mouth to grab&carry& limited space. I'd watched, giggling at his attempts and sometimes shake my head, how silly he was. It soon became like an obsession or so I thought!
It's been so long since I've challenged myself, I had no idea he was doing that very thing!! Everyday he'd grab whatever was closest and then go after the ball. Using his paws to bat the ball rolling in my direction. Sometimes going in circles and getting no where, but reluctant to drop whatever was in his mouth!😅🙃
Serico has been so much more to me than I ever imagined. He opens my eyes, my mind and even reminds me of the important little things I miss in the big picture.