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Hello to #TheMighty folks on this site! I am understanding my version of Christ has images and aspects of my painfully critical authority figures I have experienced in my younger life. So, this morning, after listening to a few older songs from an old worship playlist, I asked the Lord to please open my eyes to see him through his lens.

The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit that was evidently witnessed in the life of Jesus, as he walked this earth, caused many to draw NEARER to him rather than to flee from his presence. And in all honesty, the majority of those that were repulsed by his life, companions, and the healings he performed, were those who considered themselves as the most religious and closer to God members of society. But in reality, those religious folks failed to even recognize the very God they claimed to serve’s only begotten Son!

#christ #like #Christianity

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× Soo Where Do I Even Begin..Well 1st Off My Job Require's Alot Of Physical Strength x Constant Movement. With My Hand's And Basically My Entire Body. SOO That's Why I Haven't Been On Much I Just Come Home To Sleep. But On My Day's Off I Will Hop On Here And Do My Poetry... That's If Everyone Still Find's My Poetry Useful In Some Way. Love You All So Much Please Take Care Of One Another On Here. Much Love, × S.K. × #CheckingIn