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    #CHECKING #in !

    Hello to #TheMighty folks on this site! I am understanding my version of Christ has images and aspects of my painfully critical authority figures I have experienced in my younger life. So, this morning, after listening to a few older songs from an old worship playlist, I asked the Lord to please open my eyes to see him through his lens.

    The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit that was evidently witnessed in the life of Jesus, as he walked this earth, caused many to draw NEARER to him rather than to flee from his presence. And in all honesty, the majority of those that were repulsed by his life, companions, and the healings he performed, were those who considered themselves as the most religious and closer to God members of society. But in reality, those religious folks failed to even recognize the very God they claimed to serve’s only begotten Son!

    #christ #like #Christianity

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    Get help and risk loosing my job or don't and risk loosing my job?

    Hi everyone! Need opinions. I just turned 50 and work full time as a nurse care coordinator for an insurance company. I also live with the 2 bpd's- bipolar and borderline. Since about April I've really been struggling. I'm at the point where I have to see my psychiatrist every 2 weeks. My moods are all over the place and my anxiety is through the roof. Approaching the level of paranoia. My dilemma is just what the title says. I'm at the point I really need more intense treatment like partial or inpatient treatment for a week or two. But I know my boss won't go for it. ( or my husband) But if I can't get my s**t together and be able to focus I probably won't be able to work either! Thoughts? #in a bind #sorrysolong

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    Frieda had a mirror over her bed #in bed #Frieda

    I just rewatched the story of artist Frieda Kalho and noticed she had a mirror over her bed. Although I do not have a mirror over the bed yet, Frieda and I share a lot in common. After being injuried in a freak accident she endured years of suffering and loss and used art as part of her self expression. I too was so badly injuried, enduring way too many surgeries and recovery in a circle that keeps me horizontal most of the time. I too have found my healing expressed thru art. I have painted, drawing, sculpted and beaded in bed. And just like the Princess and the pea, I have been unable to sleep to find a pen or bead under my butt. Frida was so self reflective, sometimes painfully horrible. Isn’t that the truth for all of us who rule the horizontal?

    Puppy kisses



    Todays post is called in my heart of hearts.Growing up with Cerebral Palsy I had to learn the lesson of acceptance not only for myself but from my peers as well. You see when you have a disability like Cerebral Palsy you're never quite sure what the future has in store. for you let alone what the future brings on for you as far as your Cerebral Palsy is concerned. In my heart of hearts I know that my Cerebral Palsy is going to get worst with age but thats ok.I've come to accept that. I know that one day I will have to give up my Crutches aka my sticks because to be quite honest I'm not quite ready to give up on my crutches aka my sticks just yet because I still have a lot of abilities that I want to learn and try. In my heart of hearts I'm ready to accept whatever the next chapter brings my way,


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    🥰😭😂🤣Thank you Jesus!!!

    #in tears 😭

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    #in regards to life, does the saying,”skull key”, mean,”your true love”?



    #MISS my daughter #

    #It is a s- - ty night .She is my best friend/daughter #. I miss her so much.Yea well you can call or text her. #Guess what , that’s not the same thing .
    I am angry,because I am getting older,cause my daughter is gone. I am over the top proud of her, she is an amazing young person.And my son is great and he will be gone and on his own.We have been blessed with two excellent kids I say kids but they are grown. I am in tears writing this. #AS hard as I worked my body, I am disappointed in where I am now. #in the summer she likes to go to the beach. # before when the where younger I would say he’ll yeah let’s go. But now, my f- -king body Dicktates what I can and can’t do and I hate . I could put my fist through a wall. I want to destroy something .But I hurt to bad.And when she comes home from college, she wants to do stuff,maybe go shopping or go to the park,the flea market people sale all kind of stuff.If I am having a bad day she and her dad will take her.This last time I was not able to do much.They say stress causes fiber flare They can last from a short time to a long time #.I am so so angery I have to find something. #I am so tired of this crap.I just want to be better for my kids. I love them so much.I will cry my self to sleep. #Love #


    #Need to vent #

    #you know the Money we got from Gov .Well I got it WoW.But that’s not the thing. #in this time where people have lost there jobs have no place to live.My husband quit his job! #he always paid the rent and Electricity bill #Now because he quit his job I am supposed to pay the rent. I pay the phones, and 5 more other bills. I am just really pissed I can’t I can’t work because of myBack and fibromyalgia.I am so Angry 😡 I just had to vent. #

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    Happy New Year #good luck #from #water bear #who #Lives #in #the UK

    Here's wishing a rehabilative and prosperous New Year to all sentient beings (fauna and flora) and also to all inanimate objects (just in case they have souls too - well one never knows 😳🙄😊🤓🦠) . Take care all on here 🤗 x .

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