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    A practical tool :
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    #OCD #HarmOCD

    Hi, I'm new here. I've had harm ocd for a few years. It comes and goes throughout the year. That's the only reason I haven't completely lost it. Because I know that it doesn't last forever. Maybe 2 months. Then it goes away and feel "normal" again. Until a trigger happens. Which is usually if I see on the news or on my phone that a mother has killed her children. Then I start thinking "what if I do that?" I have 3 kids. They are grown but 2 of the 3 still live at home while going to college. I adore them and we are all super close. So when I have these feelings, it makes me physically sick. And have intense guilt. I could never EVER tell them about these intrusive thoughts because they would be afraid of me!! And that breaks my heart. So I have all of these thoughts and emotions raging inside of me constantly; the thought of harming them, followed by disgust for feeling that way, followed by extreme guilt, followed by depression for feeling that way, followed by extreme panic because having all these thoughts makes me think I must be crazy. So I do what I can to get my mind off of it. And I feel ok for a minute. Until my daughters walk in the room or I just think about them. And it starts all over again. I can't stand it. And I feel SO effing alone because I cannot tell them how I'm feeling. It's like my own private hell that I live in until it subsides....



    Does anyone have any tips on how to deal with intrusive thoughts? #HarmOCD #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Anxiety #IntrusiveThoughts

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    OCD skin picking

    I’ve really been trying to stop my skin picking habits but it’s much harder than i expected. i mostly do it on my ears and sometimes they bleed and get so sore, usually i don’t even notice i’m doing it. i’ve only been trying to stop it these past few days and i already have that constant anxiety. has anybody else successfully stopped this? #MentalHealth #HarmOCD #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder

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    Stopping intrusive thoughts

    I'm trying doing makeup to keep my mind focused on that and not in the intrusive thoughts. At least I have a pause with this #HarmOCD #SuicideOCD


    Does anyone out there struggle with fear of managing their parent(s) medication, as in putting it in a pill minder and being afraid it’s wrong?



    Animated example of dealing with Intrusive Thoughts (The Cloud Analogy)

    Hi all! I just wanted to share this animation that I made to illustrate the process of dealing with an intrusive thought. Whatever that thought may be, in the video it is represented as a cloud moving through the sky. We have the choice to engage with that thought or instead, to acknowledge that it is a thought and let it continue on its way without engaging it. The second option is of course not easy and it takes practice, though it is well worth it!

    Video Link: youtu.be/AZrcCu61Kqg

    #OCD #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Anxiety #HarmOCD #perfectionsim

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