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I’m new here

Hello everyone! I joined because I became disabled after getting the COVID-19 vaccine and I don’t know anyone else that has happened to. So, I would like to communicate with others about illness and disability and how to make my home safer for a disabled person.
#CognitivelyDisabled #ImbalanceIssues
#Hypersomnia #VaccineHauler


Received the Covid-19 vaccine #COVID19 #covid19vaccine #covid19vaccinesideeffects

I wanted to share that I received the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine last week and the resulting side effects. My CIRS doctor today said my symptoms are likely side effects to the vaccine and a mast cell reaction. I would take it again, because it's better than when I had covid-19 in April. It started with a mild headache, then I started getting twitches and couldn't sleep. Overall, symptoms were the worst 48 hours after the vaccine with a headache, congested sinuses, sneezing, slight fever, fatigue, cold hands and feet, trouble breathing with a tight chest feeling and light-headed. I'm on my fifth day and it's all slowly getting better. It didn't kill me and I didn't have an immediate, severe allergic reaction, but I am moderately miserable and not up to my usual activity level. I'm just treating the symptoms and waiting for my systems to calm down. (😋 Moderately miserable on my CIRS chronic illness scale ...)