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When your sick and tired of being sick and tired

#Fibromyalgia #Fatigue #Pain #BackPain #ChronicFatigue #ChronicIllness #suffering #CognitivelyDisabled #Pyhsicallydisabled #FibromyalgiaSucks

We are so sick and tired of being sick and tired. Not having energy to do life. Not haveing the ability to do life. Living codependent and not independent. We are so frustrated sad fed up miserable we are not able to do what others do. In some cases IT is a blessing you have no 9 to 5 cause you can’t work. You have no significant responsibilities cause your not reliable. You have no commute or co-workers to deal with. An ungrateful supervisor or boss to report to. On the flip side you can’t even handle basic vehicle maintenance cause you can’t be outside in the cold or you get a chill. Further you are not able to drive anywhere anyway cause the stress of driving and travel on your body causes severe fatigue pain and you don’t enjoy yourself being out in public.

At this point if IT were possibly you would like to work remotely like built websites or programming. Yet you have such brain fog or you are not able to focus and you have several fatigue issues with mental focus. So you can really just barely concentrate on your needs to do to keep you alive. You even forgot to pay you bills or get back to that email. In fact you don’t even know what day IT is until you look are your phone.

Then you go to mindfulness classes or CBT sessions and chronic pain centres where they tell you you can get some relief if you change you thinking or if you meditate 🧘‍♀️ and or do stretches and physiotherapy movements. This is a journey to mental health and body recovery ❤️‍🩹. You continue to do so and when you go and do you feel good yet 1 to 2 hour sessions drain you drastically because your done for the rest of the day.

Try going to watch your children at a sporting event for a few hours only. To spend the rest of the day on the couch with a heating pad.

We know there is someone out there that this is speaking to. We know you are going through this too.

HSP Highly Sensitive People are so sensitive that environmental and social interactions completely drain us. We would love to go and go like the rest of the world. However if your a HSP you have to hibernate and recharge before going out again.

Please don’t give up there must be a cure there must be a way we can get better ❤️‍🩹.

Once able to work 60 hours a week. Once able to work look after children and house with a partner. Now just barely managing us. There must be a way. Heck they are transplanting new nerves into people who are stuck in a wheelchair so they can walk. You can’t tell me that IT is not possible to cure this cause world governments came up with a vaccine 💉 for Covid there must be a way to correct Fibromyalgia.

So if your still reading this and IT hits home cause someone you know has this Chronic Condition. Please please tell them do not give up.

You matter you are important you are worthy you are not alone you are valued and loved.

Please write ✍️ please post there are so many people who suffer from this.

Please keep the faith God can heal anything.

Please help our community so we can help others with this condition.


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I’m new here

Hello everyone! I joined because I became disabled after getting the COVID-19 vaccine and I don’t know anyone else that has happened to. So, I would like to communicate with others about illness and disability and how to make my home safer for a disabled person.
#CognitivelyDisabled #ImbalanceIssues
#Hypersomnia #VaccineHauler


Great day!

Yesterday, night, and now weeee hours of the morning. I have gotten more done than I have in a month. 2 loads of laundry. Washed dried, and put away. PUT AWAY! Big deal for me. Worked up the courage to try out my new Instapot. Was able to stay focused enough, to read all warnings, and most of the instructions. Then pulled up a tutorial on youtube,. Had to pause a few times. So what! I felt safe enough to cook some frozen chicken leg and thighs. I DID IT! Have chicken vegetable soup in crock pot. Meatloaf mixed and ready to placed in the little roaster pan. I find with myself, cooking, 1 or 3 meals I'm just as tired. So, why not make 3. Watch out new air fryer. Your next. 😂 Taking a break right now. I'm washing dishes, as I go along. Haven't done that in years. I'm so DAMN proud of myself. #Anxiety # depression #CognitivelyDisabled # distractme. Getting ready to finish up. Have a great day. I'm sure I'm pretty sure I'll be sleeping in.


I slept and cried all weekend.

#Grief #grievingwhoiwas #Fibromyalgia #BipolarDepression #CognitivelyDisabled #Disabled #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #HashimotosThyroiditis

Literally if I heard all these bad things about my dog, I'd put him down. I feel like that's where I'm at as a human. I dont want to go on. I dont want to fight. I dont want to do anything. I just wake up intermittently cry as I read over the diagnosis. AAnd that's my weekend. Oh and bc I'm angry I've successfully pushed everyone away.