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#Anxiety #cpp #Depression #Fibromyalgia

Hi, this is my first post. Here lately my anxiety has me paralyzed. it’s just making a simple phone call or choices difficult. I am a #cpp and my life has been nothing but a constant state of stress. if it can go wrong it has. on the verge of losing everything I ever worked for. tired of just pushing through. that’s what I am always doing.

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Diagnosis for Disability #sacroilitis #Disability #chronicpainpatient #cpp

I haven't met anyone here who has sacroilitis or si joint dysfunction. This disease has stole my life from me. I am having to fight tooth and nail to get disability. Has this been the case for anyone else that had the same diagnoses?


Life with chronic pain and natural botanical alternatives!

I’ve lived 20 yrs suffering.. have been on extremely high doses of OxyContin and Fentanyl.. lost my insurance.. and spent yrs in and out of withdrawals from pharmaceuticals.. #Kratom has FINALLY given me my life back! Today... I’m so grateful for the opportunity to continue my education and will graduate soon with my degree in Human Services! I’ve picked up where I left off 20yrs ago.. yrs spent curled up in pain.. life as a #cpp doesn’t have to be so disheartening! #KeepKratomLegal

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New Beginning: Dreaming for 2019 #cpp #ChronicPain

Beams of sunlight breaking through the darkness.
Memories of yesteryear weigh heavy on my mind.
Think positive.....be positive...hummm.
Pain grips my body, pain doesn’t care.
Can I accomplish more this year than last?
Will my body allow me to do the things I need to do....I want to do??
Should I dare to dream?
Think positive be positive!!
Maybe....just maybe...dreams can come true. #cpp


Christmas Eve #cpp

Rushing around trying to take care of last minute things with brain fog. Did I forget anything? Did I buy an equal amount of gifts for my son and his girlfriend? What did I forget to do?? Oh yea gotta make the pumpkin pie...but first I need to cleanup the kitchen from breakfast and run the dishwasher....oh crap someone just got in the shower. I think I will sit here and relax a few more minutes. Thankfully I don’t have any little ones running around...but crap...I still have some presents to wrap. I hope the pain meds kick in soon so I can stand up and take care of things...fingers crossed ouch nope keep fingers as they are ...I hate carpal tunnel pain.