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Does anyone have any experience using #Kratom ?

Heard of it it anything like #CBD which legit helps me and I can avoid THC completely? Thanks!


Anyone ever used #Kratom for #Fibromyalgia pain?

I’m so curious about your experience and knowledge of brands, dose etc.


Kratom gave me my life back

after my son was born in December 2016, my body decided to completely fail me. my physical health plummeted! I was diagnosed with EDS (solely because of my own research) I was suffering for chronic unbelievable pain everywhere , oh and I had a newborn to take care of. I eventually would be diagnosed with Pots, psoriatic and osteoarthritis, gout/high uric acid, on top of earlier dx of fibromyalgia. finally around mid2019 I found Kratom. white Maeng da to be specific. 2 teaspoons twice daily, with turmeric and magnesium supplements. I mixed the Kratom with Advocare Spark (which is the only thing that gave me the energy to take care of my new baby-who now just turned THREE!! 💙💙💙
I can now walk to the park a block away (I had to use a wheelchair or rolling walker nearly all of 2017-2018 to do any thing) I can take him to his little gymnastics class and participate in the parent/child activities, and so much more I thought I would NEVER get to do. Along with finally finding medications and doctors that helped get me halfway there, the Kratom gets me the other. It’s kind of expensive but I’m able to do a little work doing food delivery a couple days a week for an hour or so, to help pay for it.
(before pregnancy I was a full time bartender making half of our household income, instantly after pregnancy we lost half of our income because I couldn’t work. I’m still not up to doing any kind of work that requires long sitting or standing -which is basically anything-but I’m able to contribute a little which makes me so much happier; my dear husband works full time and part time just to keep us from losing our house and barely keeping our maxed credit cards minimum payments paid.)
I just hope this post inspires someone who has given up on ever feeling better. I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have. Ive been taking Kratom about 6 months now, so if I don’t know the answer I’ll be thrilled to find out!
#EDS #PsoriaticArthritis #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain

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#Kratom has changed my life! #KeepKratomLegal

You can purchase it at any headshop or online & Ive been on morphine, morphine #painpump, hydrocodones & a number of different narcotics & opiates nothing has helped like this does. Will warn though it is addicting & you can withdraw from it but when you’re going to be on addicting substances anyway to control your #Pain you might as well use this. Also only other downside is constipation but that is also typical in other opiates as well & I use Miralax in my coffee everyday & it makes it not a big deal. I had dealt with pain management for years only to have many doctors help me for a bit then cut my meds in half suddenly or not take into account my tolerance, treat me like garbage, not listen & not help me. It was horrible. 6 or so months ago I decided to try kratom for the second time, first time I tried it the brand wasn’t the best, it worked but it was hard to take because I hated the taste which turned me off to it but I’m so glad I tried it again. Best brand I’ve found was Three leaf because they have a purity guarantee so you know they aren’t lacing it with other stuff like some brands like to do. The powder tastes horrible to me as I said so I take them in capsules but many say they make a tea, mix it in a food or drink or just take spoonfuls of it but I just can’t stomach the taste of it. They sell pre capsuled kratom but it’s more expensive so I’ve been using a machine, buying empty capsules & a bag of the kratom powder from Three Leaf company & capping by hand. I purchase my Three Leaf company green kratom from the local head shop “Up In Smoke”. Ever since I started using the pure kratom it’s been life changing. I’m still disabled but I’m no longer constantly bed ridden. I can actually do things & even though I’ve been extremely #depressed because of hardship the kratom has been helping me control my pain. There are a lot of sites online that can give you info on the three types of kratom & figure out what is best for you but for pain I would suggest either the Green or Red kratom. You have to start small at the lowest dose then work your way up to figure out how much you need but many people have made charts to figure out what to start with. I’ve found taking it in capsules helps me keep track how much I take each day & how much I need although some days I need more than others. It really has changed my life & using it alongside #THC & #CBD it has made such a difference in controlling my pain. I hope this helps someone as much as it has helped me with my #ChronicPain #Fibromyalgia because being able to control my pain, not have the interference of pain management,& me being able to set my own dose as needed has been awesome. Its not a cure all & it’s not perfect but it has helped me more than any other medication for controlling & coping with my pain especially when compared to opiates. Definitely look online & do some research on it but if you have chronic pain it’s definitely worth checking out!

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Losing the Love of Your Life to Suicide #SuicideLossSurvivor

Every morning since January 13th, 2019, I've woken up alone in my bed, curled around 3-4 pillows. I miss his arms around me. I miss waking up to his sleepy grin and forehead kisses before work.
My fiance and partner of 8 years too good own life, and even now, nearly 6 months later, I still wake up each morning searching for him in my half-asleep mind. He had battled bipolar depression, an extremely abusive childhood, and anxiety disorder from the time he was a little boy. He had confessed to me just a few weeks before that he had recently started having auditory hallucinations: low speaking voices, faint music, and an even scarier, singular voice that was encouraging self harm.

I did everything I could think of. I attempted to get him to the doctor. We'd make appointments, and then, the day of, he would beg me not to make him go in fear of being committed to an institution as his mother had been numerous times in her own life. He was terrified of mental health professionals, yet had been self medicating for years with benzos and Adderall he procured from people he worked with as well as his recent discovery of #Kratom . I watched in horror, frozen in my inability to get him the help he so desperately needed, as he spiraled out of control into manias then sunk into deeper and deeper into depression. He also smoked weed, which seemed to help him when he could find it, but when he couldn't, it was back to the kratom and other drugs.
This beautiful, intelligent man with so much to offer the world couldn't see his own self worth no matter how much I tried to show him over and over. He refused to believe he was anything but a burden no matter how many times I promised he was anything but.

When it became painfully apparent that his suicide was a real possibility, I called the non emergency number, begging them to please not send out officers to arrest him, that he needed to be taken to a hospital for mental health treatment and to get the help he needed. I was ignored. He ran. Two officers showed up and went over my head without cause or a signed statement from me or any kind of indication her was violent. They charged him with destruction of private property due to a broken plate he had accidently knocked off the table, and placed a warrant out for his arrest, but did not bother to inform either of us of it. There was no 10-13, no trip to the hospital, no mental health provided. Nearly a month later, in January, he was pulled over for a tail light and arrested for the warrant. They stripped him and put him naked and freezing into a padded cell in the jail for the night, refusing to even give him a paper gown. This was the State of Georgia and Hall County Police Department's answer to a #MentalHealthCrisis . After 24 hours, and much pleading with the judge, he was released the following night, now even more broken and #suicidal .
That was Friday night, by Sunday he was gone. This is what #Suicide is. This is what #SuicideLossSurvivors live with.


Life with chronic pain and natural botanical alternatives!

I’ve lived 20 yrs suffering.. have been on extremely high doses of OxyContin and Fentanyl.. lost my insurance.. and spent yrs in and out of withdrawals from pharmaceuticals.. #Kratom has FINALLY given me my life back! Today... I’m so grateful for the opportunity to continue my education and will graduate soon with my degree in Human Services! I’ve picked up where I left off 20yrs ago.. yrs spent curled up in pain.. life as a #cpp doesn’t have to be so disheartening! #KeepKratomLegal

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