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Culture shock

Just moved to the UK from the USA and going through some culture shock. Don’t regret the move but feeling a bit down and don’t have a lot of support, although I have some. Has anyone else gone through this before? Any words of wisdom or support? My honeymoon stage was really short which sucks, but also hopefully is a sign that the culture shock will pass quickly for me. But I didn’t quite realize there were stages to it and I am struggling a bit as a result. Just hoping I may find some support.
#Anxiety #Depression #Trauma #cultureshock

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#Christian #christiansonthemighty #Insomnia #cultureshock

Well, I’m moved in with my folks in their tiny home. Having major #Anxiety . This is all kind of culture shock. We don’t really have any privacy from each other or our neighbors since we need window blinds. I can’t be myself completely because my OCD, ADHD, Aspergers AKA Autism all being anxiety disorders, means I need a place to just be me without weirding people out.
I can control my Autistic behavior when around people in some ways, but it’s always itching to come out. We’re still unpacking so things are pretty crowded.

I’m having some trouble sleeping since I can hear snoring a lot during the night. Lol 😂

I will be looking for a place of my own. But at the moment my folks need help. Things are really busy for them. Don’t get me wrong I love my Mom and Dad very much! They raised me in the ways of the LORD. They continue to be an inspiration in my life to this day!

The snoring though it is a challenge lol 😂
Prayers 🙏 for our family would be most appreciated.

We also have to prepare to get our family cat and fur baby Melvin Lick. For those who want an update on Melvin; he’s doing well at his Kitty hotel. He has made a friend with a white female cat, so he has some mental stimulation there.

The owners however do have some problems with taking proper care of changing water for the cats there frequently enough. And they skimp on kitty litter even though they have tons of it. Cats need fresh water often and enough litter to burry their poop.
So some prayers for Melvin’s health would be appreciated. God bless y’all! 😇😇😇😇😇

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Expat Coming Home #cultureshock #Anxiety #Newjob #exmoonie

This is the first time I've bren back in the states for 8 years and the first time I will be living here as a resident since 2009. There's a lot of culture shock but also a lot of good things. I'm sometimes lonely and scared.