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Tough Day

#dailyreflections and journal,# distract me, ##cgeck in with me, #chronic pain, #positive thought of the Day,
Had to say goodbye to my oldest brother tonight as he is scheduled to leave for Palm Springs Friday morning
He will be gone till may 22.
No more river trips, no more farmers market trips .
He's only sibling that stays in touch with me.
He's 75 and I turn 70 day before Halloween 🎃.
When we're at the river it's in silence in his car.We both enjoy seeing nature , fish jumping out of the water n such!. Squirrels scrambling for food.
I will miss him so much!


Monday august 30

#dailyreflections , #chronic pain#chronic illnesses#Distract me#positive energy
I got couple walks in today which help me feel better ☺️. My caregiver and I prepared chicken thighs for several meals n made my homemade BBQ sauce.


Tiring but Great Day

#MentalHealth #Bipolar #ChronicPain #ChronicIllnesses #Fibro #dailyreflections #MightyMinute
Ate salmon sauteed in butter n garlic, drank lots of fluids, had several fruits too!
My caregiver and I got lots done n mine was with heavy heart cuz think I am losing my other caregiver Thursday.
I have lots of appts in the month of August n I don't drive!UGH!

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Sunday Chores n Relax

#MightyMinute #dailyreflections #MH #Bipolar #Fibro #ChronicPain #ChronicIllnesses #
Caught up on my calendars in phone and on kitchen wall, ,cleaned out my fridge,ate n drank as I wanted, listened to sports,
Very productive day ☺️


Saturday Recovery Day

Resting after tough week of many negatives.
Eating n resting as I want. No schedule for me till Monday morning ☺️.


Calmer more Positive Day

#MightyMinute #dailyreflections
My caregiver and I did some food shopping and cooked some stuff.
I chose to keep the day lighter cuz she had a medical test after leaving here!