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    Awesome Day 💗

    #positive energy#CheckInWithMe #ChronicPain #ChronicIllnesses #bipolarbytes #Fibromyalgia #osteo and psoriatic arthritis#Asthma
    After an appt this morning I got to go to a state park with my caregiver today. We walked some but many areas were gravel n my walker doesn't do well. Then when we got back to my apt scheduled a medical test n checked my garden.
    Then my 2:45 person showed up bearing a box. We went to local coffee shop for cheap summer drink and went to a park.
    There I shared with her my decision to STOP CPAP machine. She understood n gave me a high five.
    Then I had my 4p phone appt and I shared with her all my days activities..
    She was excited for me.
    Post pandemic life: WOW!

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    Social distancing

    <p>Social distancing</p>
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    Check out my article on the CF Foundation's website!

    Hi everyone! I recently wrote an article about my life experiences with Cystic Fibrosis. It was really hard to do since I was always so discreet about my CF. I just want to say that if you have CF or any type of disease, people will be very judgmental about it. I have a friend who's cousin died from CF and he died when he was a teenager thinking that nobody ever understood him. The saddest thing is - when you're young, you are going to experience this feeling a lot. People need to try to understand what a disease is before making judgements about it. At one point though, I just couldn't take the way I was being treated by my friends because I am constantly being judged for having a health problem that has such a big impact on my life. This is why I decided that writing an article about it to raise awareness became really important to me. Here's the link:

    #CysticFibrosis #RareDiseases #ChronicIllnesses

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    I realized recently that I tend to watch more depressing or stressful content on YouTube. I mean no offense to those creators of those types of videos, but I need a few recommendations for mixing it up for my mental health’s sake. I appreciate any and all comments. I’ve been watching Good Mythical Morning more lately, and that has helped some. #Youtube #Recommendations #MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #ChronicIllnesses

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    Fighting to get medical care but ...

    I do not have the energy or ability to fight the people (doctors, medical facilities ) who are supposed to be on my side. I already struggle with giving up and never wanting to leave mybed , but then a doctor refers me to a specialist who doesn't get back to me for weeks.. Come to find out the original doctor never sent the paperwork. So I just spent a month waiting, anxious on top of my regularly scheduled anxiety, for nothing. Eventually I get to the point where I feel like, all the meds, all the doctor's appointments, all the diagnostic tests and results, and new diagnosis after another, all of the frustration is too much.. Like I just need to let my body and my mind do what they're going to do without all of the treatment and doctors and see where I end up.
    Sorry, if not clear, this is a rant. #MentalHealth     #demyelineating#Disease
    #Borderline Pd   #Anxiety #ChronicIllnesses #lost

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