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    Crutches for mibility

    Hi all. As my pain seems to be getting worse, especially in my mid and lower back, I am wondering if any of you have found crutches helpful? I have a walking stick, which I so use but find it causes muscle tension on the side I use it. Not quite ready ro go full time with a wheelchair ( though I do use it on days out etc) thanks all x #Fibromyalgia #degenerative disc disease #mobility


    I'm new here!

    Hi, my name is Vikki2022. I've been diagnosed with

    #MightyTogether #Anxiety #Migraine #Fibromyalgia #PTSD #Depression #Grief #degenerative disk disease

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    My fat (happy) cat

    Thought my fibro friends might like a dose of omg look at that fuzzball! Lol. He is spectacular. I call him Big Boy Roy and he is the sweetest rescue. Now the weather is beginning to cool, he is my real live heating pad.😉 Smile! Roy loves you. 😁 #Fibromyalgia #degenerative disc disease #Arthritis #hashimotos Thyroiditis #Depression


    Fibro pain

    I have lived with Fibro for a long time, but the past week or so, I think I'm dying. The pain is beyond. I have no words. I don't care about much. I want to go to hospital because I think I'm dying . For reals. I have never felt this bad. Anyone out there relate? #fibromyalgia #Diabetes #myalgia rheumatic
    #degenerative lower spine.


    #degenerative spine disease #

    does it have to hurt so much to get old? #degenerative spine disease


    Why does he (she) after so many years of knowing what I deal with, still act as if nothing is wrong or that I shouldn’t act /feel a certain way?

    Do I expect too much? Is it wrong for me to want to be believed and respected? What will
    It take for him to “help” and to treat me as his equal even tho most of the time I myself don’t feel equal? Living with these issues really sucks! #Fibromyalgia #sick of being sick #degenerative disc #surgeries #Depression #hormonal issues


    Acceptance #POTS#PTSD#degenerative DUSC DISEASE

    Heard on a art programme, "You have to learn to accept failure to get to the interesting". It resonated as I'm trying to leave behind my all or nothing upbringing and accept its okay not to have it together - trying and failing is part of the process.


    New self talk #POTS#PTSD#degenerative DISC DISEASE

    Trying to boost my mood by saying out loud "youre doing really well" whenever I tense up/block my feelings by numbing. It felt unnatural but now its slowly helping me unlock my energy. Sometimes Im even starting to automatically self correct when a negative thought or energy arises multiple times a day. Still a long way to go but starting to engage with daily life again.


    Climbing the mountain #POTS#PTSD#degenerative DISC DISEASE

    Just watched the movie "Edie" starring Sheila Hancock who portrayed a woman her age fulfilling her dream. Making the film 83yr old Sheila actually climbed a peak in Scotland. It got me thinking about the mountains we all climb every day just as difficult and complex just living our lives. It doesn't matter what they are but every step we take in the direction of our goals is a massive achievement and we need to take a moment to acknowledge ourselves for every little thing we do.


    Riding the waves #POTS #PTSD#degenerative DISC DISEASE

    I always think of having chronic depression as riding the waves sometimes I'm so caught up in the struggle I lose sight of how to get back to the safety of the shore. I know now my old habits of denial doesn't work anymore. Just like 25yrs ago when I was out of my depth in my 1st rip I initially thought I can get out of this. When after repeatedly trying and getting dragged under and out to sea and losing strength I had to face reality. I put my hand up for help knowing that with no lifeguards there I didn't stand a chance. A young man - stronger than me dived in off the rocks and tried his best to get us back to shore, but it was too much. Another young man with a short board came to help and they pulled the board with me clinging to it finally reached the safety of the shallows. Only then did I see the crowd who had been gathered at the waters edge silently watching our struggle, as they turned and melted away when we emerged. I thought today how often I think I am in this struggle alone but in reality I can ask for help - wise counsel both here and from my family and friends. It's okay to put your hand up when you need that extra support or reach out to pull someone up.