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    Sick of it

    Usually I don’t mind the restrictions my mouth pain demands. Sometimes I want some salsa!! #sick of it

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    June was canceled for me!

    Pretty much this whole month, I wish it didn’t happen. First I wound up with a cellulitis infection that had to heal. On the heels of that I tested positive for Covid! I’m three days into it..and my symptoms are super congestion, headaches, sneezing, (my nose is raw) occasional coughing fatigue, and some stomach upset. This strain of the variant virus is like an awful head cold.

    My husband who goes out and about everyday has so far tested negative. We have both been fully vaccinated and I’ve even had double boosters.

    I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, and metabolic syndrome, and had just recovered from a skin infection. I wondered if it was my weakened immune system that made me an easier target for the virus? So far three friends I’d seen a couple of days before I fell ill, all have been fine. -They might be asymptomatic, or hopefully by some miracle I’m the only one who’s become ill?

    I was thinking last night that I would hate to be in a physically sick state like this for a duration. I just deel with the other conditions I have..

    It must truly be awful to be physically, chronically ill.

    I texted my oldest daughter something like the sentance above, with the addition of my current state of health. I doubt she’d even read or respond to it. I have sympathy and can also identify with crap people go through. My 40 year old daughter ghosted us. Without explanation or reason and there was no provocation on our part. She’s got Stage 4 cancer, so on some level I get the block out of people, loved ones, she conveniently doesn’t wish to deel with any longer!

    So, I have taken a Red Sharpie across my paper wall calendar and drawn a large X through the month of June! I feel like I didn’t get a June 2022! #illness #COVID19 #Depression #PTSD #sick #AutoimmuneDisease #hate this! I’m in sick #bed mode. #I tried to do a least one productive thing today. I just want to feel better and get back to functioning on some level..

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    Things I need to remind myself of…

    <p>Things I need to remind myself of…</p>
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    Why Does No One Care?

    Been sick, possible food poisoning. All the stress I have, my boyfriend's fear of vomiting, me trying to do what I can while trying to take care of my mental health and worrying about my physical health, etc., and now I find a post regarding my cats after I posted about being sick, I'm told, "It doesn't matter," and that the lady helping with cats is done with our area. Couldn't get my phone fixed because my boyfriend took it, but I was too weak to go, and they need the password, and I don't want my boyfriend to have it. He said I could change it for when he takes it in, and then change it when I got it back, but he'd still have access to it. He said he "accidentally turned it on" after I had it powered off and then couldn't power it off again because I have it set up so you can't access the phone (including powering it off) without my password. #Anxiety #Depression #PanicDisorder #sick #OCD #Pets #Nosupport #scared #lonely #alone

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    Boyfriend Wants to Stay Somewhere Else Whie I'm Sick #sick #Abuse

    I'm weak, and have been throwing up and having diarrhea. Boyfriend has fear of vomiting, but I'm scared to be alone. He wants to stay elsewhere tonight. He's photo shooting the eclipse right now.

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    Community Voices

    Feeling Awful

    <p>Feeling Awful</p>
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    #sick purple zebra

    #EhlersDanlosSyndrome # Help please my fellow EDSERS! I have been coughing all night and I have not been able to sleep at all much and I’m losing my voice. Prayers please!!!

    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    College and getting sick - immune system tips?

    I used to not get sick that much but since I have been at college I have been getting sick a lot with colds and stuff. Since my lungs are not so great though, so I stay sick for longer than the average person when I get a cold. At school it is harder to take days off to just sleep and rest because I would end up falling behind. Does anyone have any natural ways I could boost my immune system?? I know there are a lot of germs at college but I don’t understand why I am getting sick so much more than in high school especially bc we have to wear masks in class. As soon as I get over one cold I feel like I get another and it’s not even like I am going out to parties and such. #CommonCold #Asthma #College #sick

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