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Mighty Leaders: How Do I Delete My Account?

I do not want a Mighty Account Anymore. Please Delete this account for me. Where is the option to delete? I have not been answered. This is triggering my abuse today…
#MightyLeaders #DELETE #CPTSD #PTSD #Addiction #Procrastination #RedFlags

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How Do I Delete My Account?

I realized today that this website is an addiction for is a great site for people, but at this point in my healing process, it is bad for me....I am doing this with youtube as well, not just here. Thank you for the time & love, but I would like to delete my account. ***How do I do so? ***


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How do you delete this account

Seems no one speaks to you on this site & my post simply disappear after pouring my soul out asking for help in prayer. I do not want to be on this site any longer and cannot find a delete button.#DELETE #help


I don’t think I’m going to post here anymore. I would like help to seriously delete my account (I signed up through Facebook)

I apparently triggered someone and caused them pain because of my opening up.

Don’t worry. I won’t trigger anyone again. I’ll just keep my mouth shut and leave

This always happens. I open my mouth and hurt someone. I’m done. Never again. I want to leave this site for good and permanently delete my account. I will never be a problem for anyone again

#help #DELETE account

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How to delete my account?

I would like to delete my account. However I signed up using my Facebook. When I tried to delete it I was told "You do not have access to deactivate this account". How do I deal with this

#help #DELETE

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I don't know how I got on the email list and I can't find a way to UNSUBSCRIBE Please help DELETE me from your list... Not anything personal... just trying to lessen emails and other distractions... #UnSUBSCRIBE #DELETE