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For anyone who has messaged me on this account I have a new one :)

Hi everyone for anyone who has liked/ commented or messaged me on this account so sorry for any late replies don’t mean to ignore, thank you so so much for all your kindness, I may be using this new account instead, anxiouslilypadlaura

Feel free to add me there instead :) if I’ve missed a private message or anything. Thank you!

Have a great day or night everyone, so thankful for this app and all the lovely people on it. #New #MightyTogether #account #switch #message #Comment #like #info #Sorry #thankd #Depression #Anxiety #PTSD #help #MentalHealth #physicalhealth #peace #wellness #Mindfulness

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Sacred Songs

If you read, liked or commented on my last post THANK YOU! It’s so amazing receiving so much positive feedback. It can be vulnerable to be so open & honest, but I truly want to help others so I feel the call to share. On the topic of sharing, I have a Spotify account & thought I’d share if you’re looking for healing, cleansing, feel good tunes. I enjoy vibing to my “bathe” playlist when I’m showering or practicing yoga. I find music to be very therapeutic, especially when I’m in a dark head space. Let me know in the comments if you vibe with my music & if you follow any of my playlists 😊 Love to you all xxx #Spotify #Playlist #Music #account #FOLLOW #Spiritual #Meditation



apologies for putting up this question here but can someone help me with my account . ive noticed that i mistakenly registered with two separate emails , so i have two accounts . i cant seem to merge or get rid of the other one . #account