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Ever since I was a kid, Demi Lovato has had an influence me. It’s a positive one about honesty and living the truth with mental illness. Her music related to how I felt in ways I could not express or process. Her music literally means a lot to me and there is always something that I connect too. She recently released new music and a documentary. It’s inspiring and real! She did not hold back anything. I have never experienced substance abuse or addiction but she is she shedding light on something that is difficult for many. Addiction is stigmatized and often people struggling are treated horribly. It’s important that we start changing that conversation and show empathy for others struggling. This new music is inspiring and her new work is an example of how being in dark place is lethal and consuming. She showed her darkest moments that’s incredibly inspiring to show. #DemiLovato

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Demi had me in tears 💕

did anyone catch that performance last night at the Grammy’s!? So powerful, so heartbreaking and beautiful all at the same time. #DemiLovato #anyone #GrammyAwards #Addiction #Anxiety #Depression

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Lord, is there anyone? #BipolarDepression

"I tried to talk to my piano
I tried to talk to my guitar
Talk to my imagination
Confided into alcohol
I tried and tried and tried some more
Told secrets 'til my voice was sore
Tired of empty conversation
'Cause no one hears me anymore

A hundred million stories
And a hundred million songs
I feel stupid when I sing
Nobody's listening to me
Nobody's listening
I talk to shooting stars
But they always get it wrong
I feel stupid when I pray
So, why am I praying anyway?
If nobody's listening"

Demi Lovato once again perfectly encapsulates the way I feel living with bipolar depression and now lupus. Often times, I feel alone, isolated even when I reach out for help. #BipolarDepression #Depression #Lupus #DemiLovato