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    Song I wrote to explain my depression

    The best escape from my depression is creating music. I wrote this song to articulate what I go thru when I am depressed and suicidal. I hope that it can help people who understand the struggle:

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    another new writing I’d like to share if you don’t mind

    Ever since I was diagnosed earlier this year I just haven’t been the same as I was. I feel so melancholy most of the time and losing my job didn’t help much either. I just don’t feel like I can do the things I used to be able to anymore except one, which is write songs/poems/lyrics. the only thing is everything I write now has taken on a much sadder tone, you may have seen a few others I’ve posted here, anyway I do feel better getting it out of me and lately have been on a tear, here’s another (if you don’t mind)

    Crying out for help, no one seems to hear
    Crying out for help, crying in my beer
    No one seems to notice though it should be clear
    Going ‘bout their day to days while I’m just sitting here

    Used to find it easy shaking off hard times
    Everything was easy, I thought the world was mine
    Now it seems I’ve woken up, there’s no dreams left in my mind
    If there are I just can’t see them, maybe I’ve just gone dream blind

    Maybe I’m just dwelling on it all I just don’t know
    That’s what some would like me to believe
    But sometimes it’s just so hard to believe in anything
    and I know it’s all about what we perceive
    Yes I know it’s all about what we perceive

    Hope I haven’t bored you, telling you my woes
    They are mine after all, maybe I should let them go
    Sometimes I have to hold them in, sometimes they have to show
    And sometimes they all get so pent up, like a river that can’t flow

    #Epilepsy #Depression #DepressionSongs


    Writing helps me wjen I feel down, I just wrote this becauseI feel down today

    #Epilepsy #Depression #DepressionSongs

    I’d really like to find some joy in something
    Any little thing would do
    Nothing seems to make me smile I’m just going through my life
    Trying not to show how much it hurts

    I really wish the world could show me something
    That could make me feel brand new
    Seems like it’s been quite awhile since I’ve not been filled with strife
    And any bit of brightness just inverts

    It’s hard, so hard for me to talk about
    So that’s why I put it down here in these words
    It’s hard, so hard for me to talk about
    But maybe it’s a chance I can be heard

    I really wish that I was good at something
    If I am I wish I knew
    Feels like I’ve been put on trial, like a man caught with a knife
    Who wants to do his best now to convert #


    The Search by NF #musictherapy #DepressionSongs

    I’ve been listening to this song non-stop since I first heard it. ❤️ It’s so powerful. NF totally gets the mental health struggle and it’s so tangible. I feel like this album is like a conversation with a friend. Don’t fake being happy—it’s okay to be authentic and real.

    #MusicVideos #ChristianMusic #IfYouFeelHopeless