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    Found accidentally but amazing and inspirational to think the next generation of young men and women can be so open emotionally so early in life.

    #MightyMusic #Inspiration #Music #musictherapy


    Lean on Me - The Reason and the Motto for The Mighty

    Here’s another earworm Avi Kaplan singing Lean on Me. #Anxiety #Depression #MightyMusic #musictherapy #CheckInWithMe

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    ♬ MUSIC

    Music is one of the outlets I use to to release and free my mind when it's overflowing. I resonate a lot with Mac Miller and his lyrics ..I also discovered this descriptor today and I love it:

    --The experience is called frisson (pronounced free-sawn), a French term meaning “aesthetic chills,” and it feels like waves of pleasure running all over your skin.--♬

    #musictherapy #bpdrelatable

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    We are all a little lost, aren't we?

    Have you seen Nightbirde's audition in AGT? She's a wonderful being. She has won many at this point of this competition and has won me as well.

    While the judges were interviewing her before her performance, she said “It’s OK if you’re lost. We’re all a little lost, and it’s alright.” that hit me hard. I froze. I know that this resonates to me in a lot of ways.

    I just learned recently that the company I am working for was sold and will start its transition in 2022. This big change will define 'loyalty' as people who were working in this company for years MIGHT face unemployment, including me. I know change could bring good things as well but mind wandered and rolled over the hills non-stop. The what-ifs poured in.

    I got worried and of course anxious. I am in a middle of building the virtual training library of the said company. Usually, based from what I have read and experience, training is a list priority during the transition phase. It is considered as a cost in the corporate settings. And my mind still rolling, no directions at all. From being a little-to-lost to a totally-lost being. Again, heading to somewhere I do not know.

    This song is keeping me 'okay' or as most of us would say 'getting by' in life now. This song reminds me that it is okay. it is okay. IT IS OKAY... everything will become better. I am writing this essay to help me process it, to at least be brave and face that this is going to happen, it is my reality at the moment. I know it is not easy but, everything will be okay again.

    My heart goes to all of you who feels like they are a little to lost, or like me, totally lost in their life right now. There is help available for you, be brave. I know you can do it. Take that small little step to become better. I know you can do it. We can do it.

    You can listen to her music - It's Okay by Nightbirde on this link - #Nightbirde #Itsokay #Anxiety #Depression #Music #musictherapy #TerminalIllness #UncurableDiseases

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    I do not know what I would do if we have no music. The truth is, music is so much more than music. In my eyes a song can be like a good friend ,like a big hug or a voice that keeps telling you that’s okay ,that they understand your thoughts and feelings.. it’s amazing how people can express all the thoughts in my head in a song and you feel like ur soul is singing in that moment.
    Do have that one (or maybe more than one) song you see yourself in (~100%)? Or do u have a song that helped you in your darkest moments? Or that makes you happy everytime u hear it ? I’d like to know your answers bec I think I’m not the only one feeling like this. #Music #Depression #MentalHealth #Anxiety #warrior #musictherapy #notalone

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    Music helps uplift and calm you, you are so right and singing does too. Music is the peace of my soul. It has gotten me through a lot of very difficult times, and it's my safe place now. I wear or have my headphones with me at all times.
    #Music #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #MentalHealthHero #musictherapy

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    Little cover of 'Drivers License'

    Obsessed with this song 💁🏻‍♀️🎤😭💕💔
    I haven't sung in a little while...


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    The Search by NF #musictherapy #DepressionSongs

    I’ve been listening to this song non-stop since I first heard it. ❤️ It’s so powerful. NF totally gets the mental health struggle and it’s so tangible. I feel like this album is like a conversation with a friend. Don’t fake being happy—it’s okay to be authentic and real.

    #MusicVideos #ChristianMusic #IfYouFeelHopeless


    Thoughts by Sasha Sloan

    I found this song the other day and have been playing it on repeat since. Listening to the lyrics makes me feel less alone, and less abnormal. Here is a small excerpt from the song. I encourage you to check it out further if it resonates with you.
    Sometimes, I just can't control my thoughts
    No medication's ever made them stop
    All I think about is everything I'm not
    Instead of everything I got
    'Cause I'm scared they're all laughin', so I make the joke first
    If I beat 'em to the punchline, then I can't get hurt
    Yeah, I swear to God I'm tryin', but I don't know how to be
    How to be a good friend to me
    'Cause sometimes I just feel like I'm a freak
    When I wake up, I just don't like what I see
    All the way from my head right down to my feet
    I wish that I thought differently” #Anxiety #Depression #musictherapy