Lately, I manage about a once or twice week evening stroll with the better half and the dogs. We are lucky to have a woodland walk nearby our house, where we can let the dogs out the car to roam and not worry about walking too far—the scamps are mainly there for the smells.

Tonight we came across a deer on the road and waited patiently for it to cross the path. Of course, the Duke and Little Spare immediately went into tracker mode while I picked some fresh nettle tops to make into pink tea. As I was walking this little blossom tumbled into my hand making me felt like spring was shaking my hand.

I know it doesn’t sound all that special, but after I was hospitalised amd became partially bedbound, the mundane has became exciting again. And for me it truly is a whole lot of small things that when strung together, become the bare necessities that help me to forget about my worries and my strife ☺️

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