Today marks the first anniversary of the death of my brother. It is also my dog's 2nd birthday. I miss my brother yet I am so happy my dog Hans came into my life. When my brother first passed, I was in such denial that I didn't even shed a tear for several months. I actually didn't believe that he was actually dead. I still doubt sometimes even though I saw him, touched him, read the death certificate and the entire autopsy report. I suppose my mind is trying to protect me. Every time I feel sad because my brother is gone or feel bad because I wasn't able to mourn as I thought I should, Hans does something goofy. His personality actually reminds me of my brother. He's a constant reminder to me that life does go on and even though I've lost a lot, there are many reasons to keep going. Today I resolve that I will do my best to focus my attention on good while still acknowledging my losses. I believe that it can be accomplished. If I am going to give more power to one emotion over the other. Happiness should be more powerful than sadness. I pray that I am able to remember that. #generalanxietydisorder, #Depression , #ChronicMigraineSyndrome , #OccipitalNeuralgia , #Fibromyalgia , #Gastroparesis , #Diabeticpolyneuropathy , #PrinzmetalsAngina ,#Asthma ,#HeartAttack , #diplopia