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#DisfunctionalFamily #toxicparents #SuicidalThoughts #s #SuicideAttempt

last summer I had an attempt which unfortunately was not successful; but the horrible thing besides all the nightmares that I had gone through is finding out that my parents were fighting over my attempt to makes it look as if I had done it in their favour!!!! and the most disgusting thing is that they suggest each other to pretend that it matters to them!! to pretend that I matter to them!!!!!

The Hell itself spat me out and that's a very wrong doing of it. I could stand the psychiatric ward, the attack at the hospital, the betrayal of my psychologist, amnesia and the rest... bit this!!! this is to much. just too much...

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How do you deal with grieving for the loss of someone who is still in your life? #Anxiety #Depression #Grief #EmotionalAbuse #DisfunctionalFamily

I’m grieving the loss of my mother. She hasn’t passed. She even still lives with me. But we are done. She can’t forgive me for laying down a boundary. Something that shouldn’t require forgiveness. I keep forgiving her for the hurt and pain she causes me, for things she’s never apologized for. But I crossed a line when I drew one.