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    I was wondering. why should I forgive my parents when they hurt me. like they literally hit me until I bleed but they can shove my ass out of their house when I fucked up. #toxicparents #Family #Parents #ChronicDepression


    Toxic Narcissists In Families

    someone explain to me why this family member of mine who is a TOXIC ass narcissist..
    I’m talking like gypsy rose blanchard’s mother (the mom from “mommy dead and dearest”) type of toxic.. has invented that she has cancer because no one wants to accept her apology.
    MIND YOU, her apology is saying she’s sorry for how she reacted after everyone deceived her and betrayed her. then she says we should forgive her because she’s DYING??? and how she wants to leave us with her stuff and daughter to take care of. she provided fake lab results that prompted my family to look further into.. SHE’S LYING!
    so since she was called out for lying, she’s actually doubled down on her claims and says she’s got 2 months left to live lol.
    she repeatedly calls her parents, who are in their 90s, to harass them, insult them, and humiliate them out of anger that others won’t forgive her or believe the lies. she abuses her parents, hangs up, then calls back just to curse at them again. she makes them suffer and cry all the time only pushing people further away. but guess what?
    she just pushes abuse on top of lies on top of harassment.

    #narcissit #toxicparents #toxicfamilies #manchausenbyproxy #Abuse #lies

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    The gift that kept on hurting

    I had a really nice car for my first car. Bc it was so nice and I wasn’t paying for it I was suppose to ignore the abusive/narasitic behavior of my parents. A guilt gift if you may call it.

    I was ashamed every time The burden of having it got too much. Like I begged for something like this. That was way out of their price range and that I know we could barely afford.

    The crazy part was I wanted a second hand car that was barely a 3rd of the cost for this car. He bought it on a whim to make me happy. Like he’s been doing my whole life...

    I still feel guilty for feeling the way that I did. I tried giving the car back on numberous occasions. Currently I no longer have the car and I am still trying to heal from all of that... 3 years of being treated like I was ungrateful for a burden I was thrown into, for asking for help when knowing they was paying for my car they gave to me, and having to deal that working and earning my degree. I was sooo burned out I don’t think I have recovered yet.

    I seen this In my memories from this month 3 years ago. I thought I was happy but I really was just ignoring how I was really feeling. #narasiticabuse #Depression #toxicparents


    #DisfunctionalFamily #toxicparents #SuicidalThoughts #s #SuicideAttempt

    last summer I had an attempt which unfortunately was not successful; but the horrible thing besides all the nightmares that I had gone through is finding out that my parents were fighting over my attempt to makes it look as if I had done it in their favour!!!! and the most disgusting thing is that they suggest each other to pretend that it matters to them!! to pretend that I matter to them!!!!!

    The Hell itself spat me out and that's a very wrong doing of it. I could stand the psychiatric ward, the attack at the hospital, the betrayal of my psychologist, amnesia and the rest... bit this!!! this is to much. just too much...


    Does sometimes abusive speech count as real abuse? #Abuse #Toxic #toxicparents #toxicparent

    Someone recently told me that abusive speech is not the same as abuse especially because abuse is directed at someone personally not just generally abusive talk. I'm confused and conflicted. Thoughts?


    I live with my trigger

    So my family has lived with my father in law for 7.5 years. He is the most toxic individual i know. He refuses to take responsibility for his actions and always plays the victim. He constantly gaslights me and my son, and teases my son to the point that my son would rather spend all day in his room.
    I'm trying to recover from a really bad bipolar depression episode and have been on disability for a month. I was finally getting somewhere when my father in law had one of his tantrums. And I'm so sick of it that I just don't take it anymore. I know I shouldn't argue with him because it accomplishes nothing, but I'm so tired of feeling silenced.
    I wish I could get out of the situation, but unfortunately we don't yet have the money to move out. And because of covid I can't even go anywhere for a short break. I just wish I knew how not to let him get to me. #Depression #Anxiety #BipolarDepression #toxicparents


    I was my parents mistake :(

    An accident is unepected and unintentional, a mistake is a choice someone makes and regrets. My dad has told me that he didn't want children, that when I was born my mom changed, that their mairrage hasn't been the same since, etc. My being born sent my mom into a depression that lasted a long time, she says I used to look up and wipe her tears away when I was a baby. It turned out to be a mistake for them to have me, and both of them knew it, even though they would never say it outright. I grew up with that burden, and with them treating me as a burden, I've honestly felt like a lot of the problems they have are because of me being alive, my fault. (This is making a long complicated story short and leaving out some details about how I turned out to be 'born different'). Thoughts?

    #toxicparents #toxicfamily


    Toxic Family, What should i do with my weak body and mental?

    I'm pretty sure now, if my parents are toxic people. I thought my mom full of drama (always want to be right, don't wanna know about her fault/don't wanna criticise, she was very ashamed if my father wanna angry at public/fight at the public but i remembered when i was child, she let my father beat me but when i told her again about that, she was angry and then said "you must know, every parents wanna give the best for their child and that is good for you". I gave her a lot of criticise even the religious words when i was religious person but she many many times refused. My father was abusive physical and verbal person. But i was trying to understand cause he has diabetes.)
    And me, i was trying to get into university &institute this year but 3 test failed. But then my third test for get into institute succeed but as a Reserve participants and i didn't read that massage from another my phone almost 1 month, but my third test is indepent way to get into that one instotute, i choosed this institute again when the first test done. The second test forced by my mom. The first test we must write two kind of university&institute or just different major. My mom was angry because the first choice was far from my hometown.
    Actually, i have chronic illness, my last doctor said i'm not spondyloarthropathy but SLE. And i thought i have mental illness too but still didn't reach the psychiatrist. But my parents agreed and wanna bring me there after a long time i discused about this.
    But if i get into college this year i'm still skeptical. Although i got diagnosed Autoimmune, i'm still flare and i thought i didn't match with the doctor. And my mental issue still mystery cause i still didn't come to the expert. But what if i go to the mental expert, and then they can't fix like my rheumatologist?
    #toxicfamily #toxicparents #ToxicPeople


    i think i need a therapist....

    i have so much crap that i need to deal with.... but idk. therapy is expensive af and basically my friends left me.... i pretty much have one i can rely on. toxic mom...
    at least i’m eating but not enough, that’s for sure. i lose my appetite when i’m in a depressive mood. big time.
    i’m all over the board.
    haven’t told anyone this yet but thanks for the bloddy nose last night mom.
    #ADHD #toxicparents #deptession


    #helpme #toxicparents

    I'm dealing with #toxicparents . Anyone have same experience? Please help me. I'm stuck here. Don't know what to do