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#Derealization #headpressure #dizzyness

Head pressure constantly and dizzyness on and off. I feel like im in a video game, I feel that my head is in a bubble and I need to pop it to see and think and feel clearly


High functioning condition still can be so devastating..

When you have unstable condition it looks strange from outside. Like at Saturday I've had fun, dancing, walking, enjoyed favourite foods.
Yesterday I've felt very anxious and had strong dizzyness.
Today I'm forced to stay in bed because of hard side effects from the new antidepressants. Din't feel the mouth and nauseous. And I feel guilty for the work I didn't finish on time.
So tomorrow, I'm going to stop this medicine and I'll feel much better. I'll finish all the work and maybe I'll celebrate the New year. But without ads I'll feel anxiously and overwhelming.
If you never experienced that just imagine that you want to cry and to crash all around and the same time and all the noise and the lights are making you crazy and extremely dizzy and the one thing you really want is to find yourself in bed in a dark room.
I'm a jeweller. So trembling hands can lead to some sad results.
So imagine how I feel when smb asks: "So you work part time, what do you do at the rest of the time? Why I don't see your own projects? "
I survive. I breath. I'm trying to accept this.
I'm going to leave the office soon FOREVER and it's the best decision of this year.

#Anxiety #dizzyness #Antidepressants #CopingWithLife #MyCondition #Anxietyanddepression #Disorder